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2012-05-15  Route: From Sunshine
Posted On: 2012-05-18, By: ChrisinAZ
Info: Previous Redcloud/Sunshine conditions still accurate. From the Sunshine/Sundog saddle, there‘s a largely-dry class 2+/3 ascent up to the main ridgeline, then some sketchy sections on account of snow cornices still present along the ridge. It‘s best to initially go to climber‘s right of the cornice, where a short, steep snowfield with some exposure must be crossed. Just after, it‘s possible to cross over to the other side of the ridge through a gap between cornices. From here, it‘s mostly more straightforward travel, with the occasional sidehilling just below snow. The summit is dry, as is the rightmost descent ridge above treeline. Below treeline, there‘s a brief stretch where snowshoes would be helpful. There was generally less snow on descender‘s right, and once it was possible to drop down into the drainage, we did, and made it back out onto the main trail with minimal issues. Ice axe recommended, snowshoes optional and probably not needed in a few weeks. 

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