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The Colorado 14ers

Everything you need to plan, track and document your climbs of Colorado's high peaks

Gain your next summit with the help of 14ers.com


A safe and successful hike starts with proper planning and preparation.

Use your 14ers.com dashboard to bookmark routes and trip reports, view peak condition updates, trailhead status reports and weather forecasts. And check out the Routes & Planning menu for route descriptions and plenty of planning tools.
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Mapping Tools

Track Your Progress

A peak checklist is an easy way to document your climbs even if you don't intend to finish any official list of peaks.

For each 14er or 13er, track winter ascents, ski/snowboard descents, repeats, solo climbs and more.

Checklists can be viewed as a list  
or on a map, and you can compare your checklist to partners when planning for your next peak.


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14ers.com is used by thousands of people each day, requiring dedicated hardware, software and maintenance. This costs money. Since the mission of 14ers.com is to provide free information without membership fees or advertisements, we've had to find ways to pay for the annual site costs.

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