This is a simplistic grouping of peaks based on data from peak checklist pages. Just because a peak is in a less-crowded group, you may still feel crowded due to route difficulty or terrain features. Little Bear Peak is a good example: Climbers often feel the route is crowded when there are more than just a few people climbing in the crux area. Generally, if a route is rated Class 3 or more difficult, it is best to climb on off-peak days when there will be less climbers. Currently, Longs Peak is the only Class 3-rated peak (Keyhole route) that frequently has hundreds of climbers on summer weekends. It should also be noted that there are is no "official" list kept of how many people climb each of the 14ers.


Large Crowds

   Grays Peak
   Mt. Bierstadt
   Quandary Peak
   Torreys Peak
   Mt. Democrat
   Mt. Lincoln
   Mt. Elbert
   Mt. Bross
   Mt. Cameron
   Mt. Sherman
   Mt. Evans
   Pikes Peak
   Longs Peak
   Huron Peak

Moderate Crowds

   Mt. Belford
   Mt. Massive
   Mt. Yale
   La Plata Peak
   Mt. Shavano
   Mt. Princeton
   Mt. Oxford
   Mt. of the Holy Cross
   Missouri Mountain
   Mt. Harvard
   Tabeguache Peak
   Handies Peak
   Mt. Antero
   Mt. Columbia
   Redcloud Peak

Small Crowds

   Mt. Sneffels
   Humboldt Peak
   Sunshine Peak
   Uncompahgre Peak
   Castle Peak
   Wetterhorn Peak
   Challenger Point
   Blanca Peak
   San Luis Peak
   Mt. Lindsey
   Kit Carson Peak
   Crestone Needle
   Conundrum Peak
   Crestone Peak
   Ellingwood Point

Not Usually Crowded

   Sunlight Peak
   Windom Peak
   Pyramid Peak
   Capitol Peak
   Wilson Peak
   Maroon Peak
   Mt. Eolus
   Snowmass Mountain
   Little Bear Peak
   Mt. Wilson
   North Maroon Peak
   El Diente Peak
   Culebra Peak
   North Eolus
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