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Mountaineering Safety

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Mountaineering in Colorado can be very dangerous, and many people have died on the 14ers. Weather, terrain, and other people can put you in a situation where your knowledge and experience will be vital. If you are new to these peaks, I urge you to pick up a book on mountaineering safety and make sure your basic navigation skills (map+compass, not only GPS) are up-to-par and you can rely on them in a tough situation.

Just because a crowd of people can march to the summit of Quandary Peak on a summer Saturday, it doesn't mean they are all safe. Altitude sickness, dehydration, and fast-building storms are the most common problems. So, do your homework, pack accordingly, pick the right day and partners and know when to turn around if things get ugly. Be safe out there!

Preparing for the Trip

Altitude Sickness

Bring the Proper Gear and Supplies

Unless you are planning a roped, technical climb, the following list includes most of the gear you'll need:
Main Gear:
Colder Weather and Snow Climbing:
Gear for Overnight Summer Trips:
Backcountry Ski Gear:

Know Your Limitations

Safe Trekking

Watch the Weather

Safety is always more important than peak bagging!