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The app interacts real-time with 14ers.com data so there's no need to push content updates through the App Store when changes are made to the site. It conveniently stores information and images for offline use or in the backcountry when you don't have an Internet connection. So, the next time you're hanging out in the tent wishing you had Internet service, you could be viewing 14ers.com peak conditions and route descriptions, including topo maps and all those route photos!

All available from 14ers.com and will stay on your device for use when you're off-the-grid. Yup, if someone adds a peak or trailhead conditions update to 14ers.com, you can get it as soon as it's on the site.

Here's how it works: When you first open the app it retrieves peak, route and trailhead information from 14ers.com and stores it locally on your device. As you use the app it will retrieve maps and photos as needed and store them on your device for future use. It must work this way because there are thousands of maps and photos and it's not possible to include them in the base app when you download it from the app store. Remember, the app provides access to all of the maps and route photos found on 14ers.com route descriptions.

I hope you'll find it helpful and easy to use.

Bill Middlebrook, 14ers.com
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