"South Massive"

Condition Updates  
Route: Grand Tour de Massive
Posted On: 7/14/2019, By: TieDye
Info: Please refer to my 2019-07-14 Mt. Massive conditions report for details on "South Massive". 
Route: North Slopes
Posted On: 7/2/2019, By: BuckeyeClimber
Info: What an amazing hike. Used the Mt. Massive trail head. Planned to do South Massive and Mt Massive as well. There's a huge boulder right on the trail seems there's a narrow gap on the up hill side. Glad I had spikes and poles. Should have worn my gators. Snow was soft the further down I was. I decided to go straight up the snow to South Massive. The snow higher up held me and I continued up the face, until... I noticed a cornice on the left side of the rock outcrop along the ridge so I decided to stay to the right. Upon arriving the skies west were BLACK. I snapped a few pics and descended to the saddle and back to trailhead ASAP, only to have sunny skies. 
Route: Southwest Slopes
Posted On: 5/27/2012, By: Vespalad
Info: The 4wd road to North Half Moon trailhead is completely dry. 2wd vehicles should have no problem getting all the way to the end. There are lots of good campsites along the final mile of this road. Got started at 5:30. The trail was almost snow free to the summit ridge. Occasional patches to cross, but none more than 10 feet and only one or two patches with very minor post holing. Another week and I‘m guessing everything will have completely melted away. The wind was absolutely brutal, chilling us to the bone with 30-50mph sustained winds and up to 70mph gusts. We decided we had enough at the summit ridge, bagging South Massive then getting the hell out of there. Got in three fun glissades on our descent, shaving off probably 500‘-600‘. Overall a great climb despite the wind. We will return for the East slopes route, hopefully in time to enjoy the huge glissade waiting there; looks like at least a 1,500 slide. 

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