"South Bross"

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Route: Dolly Varden / East Slopes
Posted On: 2022-05-28, By: joflyer22
Info: Mostly continuous snow from ~11,800' on the East Slopes access road. Cut over into DV Gulch part way up and went VFR direct to the ridge and over to South Bross. Decent snow on the DV side, but the ridge is spotty with a few cornices. The real summit of Bross has even less snow and I crunched down a bit of gravel and rocks because I was way too lazy to be taking off and then re-donning my snowshoes. Descended via DV Gulch - very lovely soft snow by 10:00 AM and several skiers/boarders were taking advantage. Parked at the mine. It's feels like cheating to start that high but made for a quick day back to the beer cooler  
Route: Unnamed
Posted On: 2019-08-11, By: jamiesuzanne
Info: We hiked up from Alma to the summit of Mt. Bross. Beautiful day, not a cloud in the Sky. Could see all the other hikers submitting the different collegiate peaks. A little wind, but not too bad. Summitted at 11:08am. Started at 7:45am. 
Route: Decalibron
Posted On: 2017-01-25, By: Eagle Eye
Info: Mt Bross, S Mt Bross and Mt Cameron on Jan 22nd, 2017 Route: Decalibron Loop CCW Starting Point: Paris Mill site (winter closure) Start Time: Summit: Return to TH: Participant: Mike Via Trip Report: Info on Mt Bross, S Mt Bross and Mt Cameron: I shortened a reverse Decalibron trip due to high wind. Starting at winter closure 2.6 miles from Kite Lake at the Paris Mill site, wore snowshoes past the lake and to the switchover point at 13,100 ft on the ramp up to Mt Bross. Put on microspikes there. From the top of gully, most of the distance to Mt Bross, S Mt Bross and Mt Cameron were in wind I could barely walk against. As I left Mt Cameron summit I saw sdkeil and 2 others silhouettes on the summit of Mt Democrat. The wind died down considerably about halfway down to the Cameron/Democrat saddle. 
Route: Dolly Varden Gully
Posted On: 2016-05-18, By: jmc5040
Info: Dolly Varden Gully is in real fat. Continuous line from the summit of South Bross with minimal rock maneuvers off summit. Bross is caked as well with continuous snow from the gully to the summit. 

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