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Crestone Peak - 14,299 Feet

Crestone Peak and Crestone Needle are in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains (Sangres), 40 miles northeast of Alamosa and 13 miles southwest of Westcliffe. If you visit Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve, you'll be treated with an incredible view of these peaks when you drive into the park. The Peak is the 2nd highest peak in the Sangres, after Blanca Peak.

Climbing the Peak is a solid challenge, requiring Class 3 climbing skills. The standard route is slightly easier than climbing the Needle and takes you on a rugged tour of the south of the peak. Most climbers pack into South Colony Lakes for a high camp before attempting the Peak and/or Needle. This is a special place and camping near the lakes is an experience you will never forget. From your camp, start with Humboldt Peak, which does not require technical skills to reach the summit.
  360° Panorama from the summit of Crestone Peak.
360 Pano

Humboldt Peak, Crestone Needle and Crestone Peak (right) seen from 13er Colony Baldy.
The Crestones seen from the north.
pic2 pic3
Crestone Peak seen from Kit Carson Peak. Crestone Needle is left and a behind The Peak.
The Crestones and Kit Carson Mountain from 13er Little Horn Peak.
The Crestones from 13er Marble Mountain.
Humboldt and The Crestones seen from 13er Marble Mountain.
Crestone Peak summit seen from the eastern summit.
The Crestones seen from west of Cottonwood Lake.
Climbing Crestone Peak.
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The Peak from the summit of Kit Carson Peak.
pic45 pic46 pic47 pic48 pic49
The Peak from the summit of Crestone Needle.
pic50 pic51 pic52 pic53
The Peak seen from the summit of Challenger Point.
pic54 pic55
The Crestones seen from Humboldt Peak.
pic56 pic57
Crestone Peak from the summit of Humboldt.
A panoramic shot taken from San Luis Lake - 22 miles to the south.
Challenger, Kit Carson and The Crestones behind the Great Sand Dunes.

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