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Climbing 14ers in Winter: Getting Started

Final Thoughts

It's Beautiful Winter is an amazing time to summit 14ers.
More Gear Dress appropriately to enjoy the day. Proper winter gear is essential for a successful hike and you don't have to spend a lot of money if you shop wisely or borrow clothes/gear.
Difficulty Winter trips are almost always more-difficult than summer. You're traveling longer, with more elevation gain, carrying more gear.
Safety Again, never hike solo in winter unless you have plenty of winter experience. Always leave a detailed trip itinerary with someone. Know when to turn back! If you can't keep warm, run out of food or water, have a partner who is suffering, or one of many other reasons, just descend. Learn about the risks of avalanches and how to choose the safest route. You can never do too much research on safety.
Further Reading Colorado 14ers in Winter on SummitPost. Assembled by Jamie Princo (shanahan96), it provides excellent winter informtion for all of the 14ers.

Consider picking up the book Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills. It covers many of the snow travel topics we've discussed here, in great detail and with helpful images and diagrams.

Check out the "Expert Advice" section on REI.com. It has some excellent articles on snow travel and gear.

And spend time here on 14ers.com reading winter trip reports, route descriptions, peak condition updates, and more...

Have fun and be safe.

Thanks to Joel Q. for putting most of this together and to Ryan, Brad and Kevin for assisting with the content review. We hope you find it useful!

Bill Middlebrook, 14ers.com