Peak(s):  Pyramid Peak  -  14,018 feet
Date Posted:  08/16/2018
Date Climbed:   07/24/2018
Author:  Jay521
Additional Members:   Crash, BrettCallahan, MtnHub
 The Goats of Pitkin County   

Mission Accomplished (finally...)

Zombie Goat

Trailhead: Maroon Lake
Route: Northeast Ridge
Length: 8.25 miles
Vertical: 4500 feet
Partners: MtnHub (Doug), Brett Callahan, Crash (Eric)

This will be a different sort of trip report for me. JQDivide did a recent report here that does a better job than I could documenting the route. And daway8 has some very nice pictures and comparisons here. So instead, I will iprovide pictures and commentary that (hopefully) will give some of you a different view of what was one of my very favorite 14er hikes of all time.

Backstory... Three years ago, I connected with user NotTimid and we tried to get Pyramid. After making it up the 1000' of scree to 13K, an incoming storm made us turn around and head back down. Turns out that the storm went another way and we coulda made it but better safe than sorry (although NotTimid probably didn't feel that way <smile>) I vowed to come back another time.

The following year, Doug and I planned on giving it a go but the weather reports were less than stellar so we decided to do Mt. Sopris which Doug did an excellent job of documenting here. The year after that, Doug suffered an ankle injury which put the kibosh on that trip. But this year (finally!), Doug and I were joined by Brett and we made the climb at last. We also met Eric who joined us on the way down.

In looking over all the pictures that the four of us took, the ones that kinda stood out to me were all the goats. There are more goats on that mountain than you can imagine. My favorite goat picture is the one I used at the top of this report - Doug took that picture and I love it - Zombie goat, I call it. But there are lots of others that follow now. After the goat pics, there are some scenery pics, selected climbing shots, a GoPro vid I took at the ledges and this ends with a foursome pic that Eric took as we were almost back to treeline.

We couldn't have had a better day. Almost no wind, no threat of rain at all and we only met two other people on the mountain all day - Eric and one other man who was coming down as we were starting up (he was either VERY fast or got a very early start. Or both).

Goat pics



Where's my Mama?
There she is...
C'mon, little one.






Wait for me, Mom...



Brett and Doug on the summit


Jay on the summit




Jay not seeing what was looking down on him.



Scenery shots...

Da Bells



Snowmass andf Capitol

People shots

Jay exiting the green wall
Brett and Jay on the ledge section on the descent
Another shot

GoPro vid of the ledges and the large step of faith on the way down.

Happy crew! (l to r) Jay, Doug, Brett and Eric. Doug is actually my height but he was leaning back on the rock he was on.

This was a fun, fun mountain I would do again in a heartbeat.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and please be careful out there!

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Comments or Questions

08/16/2018 12:39
Congrats on finally getting back up there and getting it done!


08/16/2018 15:27
Yeah - it was nice to get this monkey off my back.


Nice pictorial of Pyramid!
08/16/2018 16:32
Thanks for doing this report, Jay! Yes, goats were a big part of this climb, huh?

And congratulations on finally getting Pyramid! It was great to hike with you again; and if you ever want to try it again, count me in.


08/16/2018 16:59
Congrats and cool photos. I have a pic of a goat at almost exactly the same spot as your photo #7.


Congrats from the elderly!
08/16/2018 18:02
Congrats from the universe to you on your successful summit! I know I will never be able to repeat what you accomplished. Will you do Capitol Peak at your first attempt?

Go Geezers!


More thanks..
08/17/2018 07:28
@Doug - it is always fun hiking with you - I'm sure we will have more adventures.

@Rob - Yeah - those goats are something, aren't they? Doug & Brett took most of the goat pics and I got them all jumbled up with mine so I didn't give proper credit...

@Richard - Sincere thanks for your kind words. Not sure I will do Capitol - that pretty much requires an overnight (for me, anyway) and I sleep horribly at altitude. But, who knows? And we geezers still do OK in the mountains, don't we? One foot in front of the other...


08/17/2018 07:44
That's totes a lot of goats pics! Love it!


Profound, indeed!
08/17/2018 11:51
Conquering a nemesis is that.



08/17/2018 14:34
Jay, great job getting this done.
Glad your shoulder did well.
We had planned Pyramid two times, and both times it dumped snow the weekend we scheduled. Yep, good to get to the top.


Even more thanks.
08/17/2018 15:28
@Aaron - Yeah - if a person has goataphobia, this would not be a mountain for them...

@Glenmiz - Thanks! A nice compliment you give.

@JQ - My shoulder didn't cause me much trouble although I did end up having to face in on the descent in a couple spots where facing out would have worked better but the change allowed me to use my good shoulder a bit more. Thanks for your kind words - your TR helped a lot - although I think we made the ascent a tad harder than it needed to be - but that builds character, right?


Nice work...
08/17/2018 15:39
...on a tough mountain. I'll echo the "go geezers"
comment made earlier. I like that you focused
on the mountain goats, which are very interesting
creatures. Congrats on a BIG accomplishment.


Great job!
08/17/2018 18:12
Glad to see that you succeeded on Pyarmid Jay! I had an iffy weather day a few years ago when I was up there. May have to repeat soon...


Whoo hoo!
08/17/2018 18:43
Awesome work, Jay!!


08/17/2018 20:28
Didn't realize you had a nemesis mtn. Looking good on those ledges and the L.O.F. On the way up,
how was it once past the ledges. Is Wetterhorn any kind of comparison to this mtn's difficulty. Congrats Jay.


And more...
08/18/2018 09:40
@MathGuy - Thanks so much for your comments - and yeah, we oldsters need to keep going so we don't need to use Medicare all that much..

@Andrew - The views from the top are amazing and it would be worth your time to do a repeat with good weather. I would do that mountain again in a minute... OK, maybe several hours would be more accurate

@Paula - Thanks! Coming from someone who does ALL the tough stuff, that means a lot.

@Pete - Past the ledges, there really isn't much comparison to Wetterhorn IMO. The rock is loose compared to W and the amount of elevation gain is a lot more. Don't know if you've done Castle (and if you haven't, that's a great first peak in the Elks), but of the 14ers I've done, the rock there is as close as I can think of to Pyramid. Others have stated (correctly) that the route finding going up can be a bit of a challenge but coming down it is much more obvious.


08/18/2018 22:57
And there are a lot of goats there. They look so sweet until they drop rocks on you


08/19/2018 09:50
Yeah - on our way down, a goat knocked a rock loose that started a mini rock-fall. It was well behind us but certainly let us know that they - not humans - rule that mountain.


I'm glad...
08/19/2018 22:25 redeemed yourself after a couple of false starts. I know how that feels and am working on a trip report now about redemption on a different peak. Congratulations on a successful day!


08/20/2018 06:17
It was good to get a little redemption. Thanks, Eddie! And I look forward to your TR - they are always good.


08/20/2018 12:37
There's nothing more gratifying than finally getting a summit that you've been stymied by before. I can certainly relate ... Coxcomb was like that for The Man and I. Thanks for posting. Happy trails!


08/21/2018 16:29
Thanks Presto! Coming from you, that means a lot.

Jan van Tilburg

Hope for Geezers
09/15/2019 10:22
Jay, you gave me hope that I can do this mountain one of these days, Thx


There is ALWAYS hope!
09/16/2019 04:20
Jan - You've done Snowmass and it appears to me that is a tougher peak than Pyramid so I'm pretty sure you can handle it. Thanks for your nice comment!

Nice report
04/02/2021 16:45
Great report with wonderful photographs. I loved all of the goat pictures.
The views from this mountain once you get to the amphitheatre look incredible.
Thanks for posting this.


Thank you!
04/03/2021 16:56
Thank you, Martin - I appreciate your kind words. It is a beautiful mountain for sure. But then there are a lot of them in this state, eh?

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