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Browns Creek Trailhead

Posted By: aholle88
Info: Closed for the month of October for a controlled burn. Access to the trails in the area are closed as well. Looks like you can still access the CT if coming from the road to Antero or the Shav TH. That appears to be just barely outside the boundary.
Posted By: cdgibbons
Info: Dry and easily accessible by all vehicles. No camping at the trailhead, but lots of dispersed camping along the road.
Posted By: angry
Info: Dry to th.
Posted By: Reg0928
Info: Road totally dry, bathroom open and stocked
Posted By: KSU Wildcat
Info: Made it to TH in Honda Civic with no trouble. Some very minor washboarding. Intermittently snow packed track.
Posted By: Tornadoman
Info: This is a very easy 2wd road. Any vehicle can make it, only a few sections that have minor washboards.
Posted By: Bigfoot
Info: Road is clear and dry. Lots of traffic, any car can make it.
Posted By: dwoodward13
Info: Road is dry and easy to get to in any vehicle.
Posted By: alpinesnowdevil
Info: Hiked up to Bicentennial Mt White and the trail was mostly clear the whole way. No gaiters, micro spikes, or other special equipment outside of cold weather gear was needed. a foot deep in the worst area where the snow had drifted, but that seemed to be an exception.
Posted By: Jay521
Info: Clear and dry. Any car can make it
Posted By: illusion7il
Info: Road is in Great condition - 100% DRY
Posted By: GermanLovesHiking
Info: Took Browns Creek to Browns Lake to summit Antero 6/9-6/10. Forest Service has only cleared out about 1/10 of the trail at this point. Met 3 groups of hikers who turned back due to the mess of trees. The fallen tree section is about 2 miles long at this point and it takes a little bit of patience and a lot of determination to get through to the lake. I added some pictures of what pretty much all fallen tree sections currently look like. If you are headed to Browns lake, I suggest going up to the right around the tree mess until you get pretty close to the lake. Don‘t be fooled by some trail segments appearing, there are three separate sections of downed trees, so just stay higher up if you want to make a decent time to the lake. I counted the number of scratches I got on my legs and arms from navigating the trees...80+, so be prepared for some battle wounds.
Posted By: thebeave7
Info: From the Brown Creek TH we took the CT to Little Brown Creek, it was in great shape and completely clear except for one 200ft section of blow down that wasn’t too hard to navigate. Water is intermittent in the valley as it sinks underground periodically.
Posted By: jeepdriver
Info: Brown‘s Creek trail is only cleared up to about 4 miles from the TH off CR 272, at which point the trail disappears under downed trees. I spent 2 hours trying to get through these trees on 5/24, and only went 0.75 miles, and couldn‘t even find the lake. Not sure when it will get cleared, but it will take a lot of work.
Posted By: atbaritone
Info: On 5/15/12 a crew was clearing trees. Assuming the addition of additional chainsaws by the forest service crew happened on 5/17, Browns Creek trail should once again be considered open to Browns Lake. God, what a horrible mess of trees. This valley will take years to recover.
Posted By: dehrlich101
Info: CR 272 is now open to the Browns Creek Trailhead. Road is in great shape. If you go past the Browns Creek TH it gets muddy.
Posted By: dehrlich101
Info: County Roads 272 and 274 are still closed at that intersection for the season. No snow on the road to that point and past the barricade. The Forest Service said that it maybe open on Monday 3/26 if the mud isn‘t too bad. The Salida Ranger district # is 719 539-3591.
Posted By: TommyF
Info: County Roads 272 and 274 are closed for the season at that intersection. Only snowmobiles/ATVs, horse and foot traffic beyond this point. Was there on Feb 19th. Plenty of snow on the ground in the trees. Would make for a long day getting to the trail head on foot then heading to Browns Lake. 270 and 272 were snow free to the winter parking area.
Posted By: atbaritone
Info: Easily accessible all the way to the parking area.
Posted By: mike and maddy
Info: so I thought the milage listed in the route info would actually be from the TH listed in the route info. 22 miles (not 6.5) later and im sorry I didnt read the report before I got there! Read!
Posted By: croyrun
Info: Good paved/unpaved road to trailhead. Great parking with bathroom. No water. Trail well marked.
Posted By: Always_Wear_Sunscreen
Info: Accessible by passenger car.
Posted By: Nathan Hale
Info: The Brown’s Creek trailhead is easily accessible as of 5/25. Hiking up the trail, I didn’t see any snow until at least 10,500 feet.

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