Pine Creek Trailhead

Posted By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: Open and dry.
Posted By: GordoByrn
Info: Single log bridge at Little John’s Cabin still in place.

Stack of long poles on the cabin side make crossing easier.

Shovel and two functional wooden chairs at Little John’s.

Nice campsite north of the trail, above the ruined corral, just before the cabin. Look for a social trail heading into the trees.
Posted By: cdgibbons
Info: As has been reported elsewhere, dry and easy to access; (very modest) $1/person, $2/animal fee request to cross private property. There is a no camping sign at the curve where some passenger cars park but appears to be available dispersed camping above and below that point.

Some older reports had questions about distance on this trail; my GPS measured pretty close to what is in Roach’s book. Measuring from the private property sign just below the locked gate, 2.2 miles to where the road becomes trail, 4.3 to the footbridge/CT junction, 6.9 to the cabin, and 10.0 to the trail junction where the Elkhead Pass trail splits off (which is signed).

Saw six tents in the valley in the morning, one accompanied by a couple of llamas, and about that many folks on the trail in the afternoon. Beautiful valley, especially above the footbridge/CT junction.
Posted By: freeinthehills
Info: Good to go
Posted By: tdearborn
Info: Question: Is it possible to get to the parking area below the trailhead with a low-clearance vehicle such as a Prius-C (5 1/2 in clearance)?
Posted By: Teeboy
Info: Actually pulled a Uhaul trailer to the TH with a Honda Pilot. A little rough at the end, but very manageable. (A little difficult to turn a trailer around and not suggested! LOL!) There are several parking spots below the actual TH parking area with a 200 yard walk up the road to the trail. Of note, there were several large horse trailers at the lower parking area. They seemed to have no problems from the highway to the lower area. Nice TH!
Posted By: reverette13
Info: Just got back from the Pine Creek TH on 3.25.09. Easy access; easy parking. Made it all the way to the actual TH (the "No Motorized Vehicles" sign w/o snowshoes, but not much (2 miles?) beyond that. Lost the trail before Little John‘s Cabin.
Posted By: mtnbikir
Info: Yes on above. It’s the first road south of AVA rafting just by Granite. Turn away from the river.. ie the Pine Creek Rapids!
Posted By: Arctic Blonde
Info: If you have a Roach 14er guide, it’s not up-to-date on this trailhead. Currently the TH is .8 mile down CR 388. There is a Forest Service register there, a parking (not camping) area and a sign from the landowner, D.L. Thayer, across whose land the trail runs for 1/2 mile. He (or she) politely requests that you pay $1.00 per human, $2.00 per "critter" ( must have figured 50 cents per foot) to cross his property. There are envelopes and a drop box on his sign. I also think that Roach’s distances on this trail are not correct. From that TH, it’s about 6.5 miles to the footbridge across Pine Creek and another 4 miles to Little John’s Cabin.

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