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 Trailhead:  Mt. Elbert (South)
 Posted By:  ellenmseb
 Date of Info:  5/14/2023
 Date Posted:  5/14/2023
Status Update
There's currently a small tree blocking the road just after the creek crossing. A saw should make quick work of it. Otherwise extremely subaruable or maybe even sedanable if you're bold.


Comments or Questions
Not sedanable
5/15/2023 8:23am
Lets not be spreading false hope and getting people stuck up there. You need at least the clearance of a Forester to get up past the steep ruts .5 mile up the road. Like Bill said in his last post, clearance is mandatory for that. I take my Impreza many places it shouldnt go and that road isnt one of them. Seen too many people stuck up there.

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