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Mt. Elbert (South) Trailhead

Posted By: ladenedge
Info: Road and trailhead are totally clear of snow, even after a night of flurries. We made it in a stock RAV4 with some careful driving.
Posted By: gregpeak
Info: The road is clear all the way to the 4WD Trailhead. There is plenty of parking there now.
Posted By: Firefly337
Info: 4WD road clear of all snow, able to reach the trailhead in my crosstrek, overall road in descent shape if you have a vehicle with some ground clearance
Posted By: ztweb
Info: Road is completely clear of snow all the way to the upper trailhead.
Posted By: Ssgustafson
Info: Drove to the 4WD TH on Fri 5/10 in my lifted Tacoma. There was continuous snow from the lower TH and about 5-6" at the upper TH. Very slippery getting down!
Posted By: starfishprime
Info: Drove all the way to the 4wd TH in a stock 4runner, there was a tiny bit of snow/ice/mud near the top but nothing significant.
Posted By: d_baker
Info: We drove within ~1\2 mile of upper 4wd trailhead today, no issues. A Subaru was up that far as well.
Posted By: RWSchaffer
Info: The 4WD road started melted-out with intermittent stretches of snow (Photo 1). Icy vehicle tracks reached roughly a half mile up the road until they ended in a mess of deep tracks (Photo 2) and occasional got-stuck debris. From there, nearly continuous, packed snow reached the upper trailhead. There are a few spots to pull off of the melted section of road, but most drivers should still plan to park at the paved lot.
Posted By: aholle88
Info: We made it to the first big open camping area on the left a half mile up from the TH. Another Tacoma (2WD maybe?) got stuck getting out of that area and left their vehicle partially blocking the road and almost making it impassable. Lets call the road impassable at all right now and park at the paved TH. Conditions may change in the next few days but you still wont be making it beyond that first pull out.
Posted By: kyrawhitworth
Info: Parked at the lowest parking (pavement). Didn’t want to risk getting stuck in the fresh snow. Snowmobiles have been driving on the road (even they had trouble with the creek crossing by the tracks everywhere) and there was one car that had driven up maybe 3/4 mile or so at some point in the day and parked on an off shoot to camp out.
Posted By: sarahmariekirk
Info: Climbed Elbert from the East Ridge today, we parked about half a mile up from the lower TH; my friend was driving a Subaru CrossTrek and we were worried about the ice on the road so we parked lower. A truck and a Jeep did make it to the upper 4WD TH - but the road is extremely icy and I am not sure how well it will fare with the next few storms. For now, it is definitely still drivable if you have 4WD.
Posted By: aholle88
Info: A couple of stock trucks/Jeeps made it to the upper trailhead today. Mix of dry road and icy/snowy ruts. Creek not frozen yet. Very muddy descending. I parked my Impreza at 9.8k, just before the first steep section of road that used to be deeply rutted. About 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile from the paved road. Confirming prior reports, the road has been smoothed out in that particular spot.
Posted By: rpgrayson
Info: Drove up to the 4WD TH in my Tacoma with no issues. Was amazed to find a stock Plymouth Caravan with standard highway tires parked there as well! That is something I would NOT recommend.
Posted By: taranichols_02
Info: Within the last month, this road has been grated. I rate it a 1.5 at worst, its no longer as rough as the rating is saying.
Posted By: E_A_Marcus_949
Info: Stock Jeep made it up to the TH with no issues. Mostly 4Runners, Tacomas, Jeeps, and trucks up there. One (looked stock) Subaru Forester. I’d likely take my Forester up and have issues in 2-3 places but could probably do it with careful driving.
Posted By: zootloopz
Info: To elaborate on the conditions report from 14er101 -- the crux of the road is certainly at 0.5 miles. Rutted out. I took it on the right side of the road going up. A competent subaru driver can handle it. Pretty easy road otherwise. Stream crossing isn’t too deep. Multiple suburbans and subarus at the TH.
Posted By: 14er101
Info: Rought section at 0.5miles (2wd or awd could make it too this point)
Creek crossing around 1.7ish
Posted By: securis
Info: 4WD trail was intense in spots: one was particularly rocky and torn up, and my lifted F-250 hit bumper on one outcropping. Another section had a strong-flowing stream. I don’t think I’d try it in a Subaru, but there were several 4Runners, Tacomas, and a Dodge 2500 at the top.
Posted By: espressoself
Info: It has been a couple of years since Ive driven to the upper TH, and it was in worse shape than I remembered. We made it up in a stock Outback, but we saw a lot of other Subarus turning back before the first major obstacle. In fact, I think we were one of two that made it to the upper TH today. I would consider this about the upper limit of what I would put the subie through. There are three sections (not including the stream crossing) that required extra attention, good clearance, and 4WD. The tree mentioned in earlier reports has been removed from the road.

To whomever said this was doable in a sedan, I sincerely hope you were joking.
Posted By: ellenmseb
Info: There’s currently a small tree blocking the road just after the creek crossing. A saw should make quick work of it. Otherwise extremely subaruable or maybe even sedanable if you’re bold.
Posted By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: Drove all the way to the upper trailhead at 1.8mi. There are two holes/rut spots along the road that require 4wd and good clearance. The more difficult one is at 0.5mi and the other is at 1.0mi. I have a full-size pickup and moved past both without issue.
Posted By: gregpeak
Info: I was able to drive within 100 yards of the 4WD trailhead. There was a snowbank there that somebody had driven through and made it to the trailhead, but I parked just below it. It will probably be melted in a few days,
Posted By: themadgadder
Info: No problem driving my stock 2017 Honda CR-V to the 4WD trailhead this morning. The road is free of snow, and the stream crossing was manageable.
Posted By: RWSchaffer
Info: The 24 road leading to the 2WD parking, and the 2WD parking itself, were both plowed but with significant icy stretches. The 4WD road to the trailhead held several inches of well packed snow and was not passable to wheeled vehicles; wheeled vehicle tracks made it no farther than about 100 feet from the 24 road (pictured). Plan on parking at the 2WD parking and walking to the trailhead.
Posted By: Jstodda
Info: Approach to 2WD trailhead was ok. Easy approach but icy the following day due to snowstorm. 4WD trail pretty deep with the snow on the 26th.

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