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 Peak:  Mt. Harvard
 Route:  South Slopes
 Range:  Sawatch
 Posted By:  Mazza Mountaineering
 Date of Info:  10/5/2023
 Date Posted:  10/7/2023

There was snow on the trail starting around 11,000 feet. It deepened starting around 12,000 feet and continued to get deeper all the way to the summit. The trail was difficult to follow on the upper part of the mountain and we were sinking into the snow up to our thighs in some areas. What should have been an easy climb turned into a difficult route finding and tiring event. I think the route will get easier as the snow is packed down by more climbers. The snow did start melting as we got back down to around 12,000 feet. Spikes and flotation would not have helped as the snow was new and very soft. The view of the surrounding area and peaks was amazing, and it was a beautiful sunny day!

Comments or Questions
less snow now
10/7/2023 7:29am
things must have melted off since you were there, like you said it was. on friday, no snow was encountered that was more than ankle deep unless you got way off route in the talus. the trail was easy to follow, just dont get distracted by areas where people went the wrong way and made tracks in the snow that led nowhere.

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