Peak:  Torreys Peak
 Route:  Dead Dog Couloir
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  stomblin7
 Date of Info:  5/6/2023
 Date Posted:  5/6/2023

Started from lower TH 3 AM. Arrived at the base at 6 am and began my climb 6:30 am. The east face and couloirs were covered in avy debris, so take note for those of you who start later. Topped out around 8 AM, no large cornices, just some loading on the left side at exit. Snow was really firm throughout entire couloir this morning and felt excellent for climbing. Also weather turned quite cloudy and the sun disappeared for a while. Watched some skiers drop in around 9 AM, I can tell you the snow was not good for skiing that early with today's weather/conditions.. I think they lost a ski and it was a bit rough likely due to the avy debris. - We descended from Grays/Torreys saddle and took the standard route and road back to the car. The saddle has a pretty good cornice formed.

The road was mostly dry to the 'Y' (1 mi up), and then gets patchy. There were very deep ruts around mile 2, and just past that it is completely snow covered still - oh and an FJ is still blocking the road - so not likely to get past him till he's towed out.

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