Peak:  Torreys Peak
 Route:  Grays and Torreys
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  14er101
 Date of Info:  2/11/2023
 Date Posted:  2/11/2023

Went from Loveland Pass to Torreys, to Grays, and then down to Bakersville today.

Would recommend spikes for the entire day at least. I wore snowshoes until the top of Grizzly (cause they had heel lifts) but completely unnecessary, spikes were good. Descent from Grizzly to Torreys saddle was a pain as always, would advise crampons and an iceaxe. Climbing up Torreys was uneventful, just booted the side of the gully for 1600ft.

The route over to Grays was good, there had been at least one party over there already which helped. Descended the Grays' standard route, and then took the winter variation to avoid the avalanche slopes on Kelso mtn. Flotation might have helped, but I did not use it nor traction for that part of the hike and was OK.

Road is well-packed with snowmobiles, observed a couple of people trying to drive it and they did not make it very far, one got seriously stuck and had to get dragged out.

Overall a great day, great route, perfect weather, not too many people.

Comments or Questions
02/11/2023 19:24
Nice running into you on Torrey's summit!

02/11/2023 19:27
It was very nice, perfect weather, and great conditions. How did the glissade on the way down go?

Trip Stats
02/13/2023 12:12
I've been thinking of doing this (but in reverse). Do you know what your total mileage was and amount of gain and loss out of curiousity?

Trip Stats
02/13/2023 12:29
My total mileage ended up being 13 miles, with 4500ft of elevation gain and 6500ft of elevation loss. That includes walking the road all the way down to Bakersville where my ride was.

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