Peak:  Little Bear Peak
 Route:  West Ridge and Hourglass
 Range:  Sangre de Cristo
 Posted By:  bsiegs
 Date of Info:  8/22/2022
 Date Posted:  8/22/2022

I counted 5 of us total on LB today - likely due to a Monday with an iffy forecast. The gully up from the lake is really, REALLY loose but dry. Hourglass had a ton of rushing water down the middle (as expected with recent rains) but left side was mostly dry. Was happy to be in approach shoes. The fixed ropes appear to be holding up well, apart from the one older one. I used them a bit on the ascent and a lot on the descent. There was heavy fog/mist that seemed to kinda hover throughout the day, it impeded visibility a bit but not to the point of hazard.

As you might guess, stretches of Como road and the lake area itself are extremely saturated and muddy. Day hiked so not sure what campsites look like specifically.

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Summit time
08/23/2022 09:16
Nice work up there!
What time did you summit? Our group of 2 summited around 7:30am and a separate group of 2 summited just ahead of us and we thought we were the only 4 on the mountain.

08/23/2022 09:44
Nice work to you as well! Summited at 8:30 - Yup, saw you two plus the other group. You were ahead enough so that I didn't have rockfall from above going up and had already cleared below me going down

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