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Climbing 14ers: Getting Started

Sharing Information

14ers.com is packed with content contributed by our members. While the 14er route descriptions are written by me (Bill Middlebrook), the thousands of trip reports, peak condition updates and trailhead status updates are contributed by our members. You'll find this information vital to your planning as you move through the 14er list. As you do, please consider contributing content you feel might be useful to others. You may not want to write up a detailed trip report but taking a couple of minutes to post a peak condition update could be very valuable to someone hiking that peak days later.

Peak Condition Updates

Perhaps some of the most helpful content on 14ers.com comes in the form of Peak Condition Updates. These short reports contain helpful information and photos of a route. Not only are they helpful when viewing the site but condition updates are also available in the 14ers.com mobile app, so you can read when you're off the grid at your trailhead camp. Updates might include: snow or hail coverage, wash-outs, trees fallen over the trail, rockslides, avalanches, notable wildlife encounters, etc. Include anything you feel might be helpful to someone visiting in the future.


Trailhead Status Updates

Like peak status updates, Trailhead Status Updates are short reports, focusing on a trailhead and the roads leading to it. An update might detail fresh snow on the road, if some ruts have formed in the road and it now requires 4-Wheel Drive, or maybe the parking situation has changed. While we try to keep each trailhead description up-to-date, including road conditions, the status reports help get the word out about recent issues or surface conditions. If you encounter something unexpected when driving to a trailhead or road conditions have changed since the most recent updates were posted, please post a trailhead status update.

Trip Reports

If you decide to contribute a Trip Report, it's a bit larger of a commitment. On other websites, trip reports may be short reviews of a hike but on 14ers.com we expect a bit more. We already have peak condition reports so we want a trip report to be a more detailed account of a hike/climb that should be helpful for many years to come. You'll find thousands of them here. Many climbers have taken the time to detail a route, some obscure, by including engaging prose and beautiful photos. If you're the writing type or have a story to tell about one of your hikes, we encourage you to post a trip report.

GPX Files

A .GPX is a computer file type that may contain tracks, waypoint and routes. The GPX file format as compatible with many software programs, GPS devices and smartphone apps. The more peak hikes you plan, you will realize the benefits of GPX files and their use. On 14ers.com, we have a large GPX Library of file contributed by site members. The files come from route descriptions, trip reports, or uploaded directly to the library. If you have GPX files you'd like to share with the community, feel free to upload them to the library or include them in your trip report(s).

Cell Phone Reception

You may or may not have already found the Cell Reception page on the site. It's a place where members can post a quick report about cellular phone availability on peaks or at trailheads. If you have reception information that you'd like to share, we'd appreciate the information.

Climb Times

And lastly, hikers often wonder how long it will take to hike a specific 14er route. When you're new to the peaks, it can be a difficult question to answer. The User Climb Times page is a collection of user-contributed "climb times" for different peaks. If you'd like to share how long it took you to hike your 14er(s), that's the place. Your climb times show up in your Dashboard so you can also track climb times simply for your own viewing purposes.