To The 14ers Family From David's Family

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Re: To The 14ers Family From David's Family

Postby Aubrey » Tue May 15, 2007 8:46 pm

TalusMonkey's sister wrote: Please don't let all of these wonderful thoughts and memories of David pass too quickly. I'm worried that everyone will soon forget.

How could anyone forget TalusMonkey? Seriously, none of us "regulars" (and even some of the newbies and lurkers) will ever forget TalusMonkey or this event.

I may have only known him for a couple years through this site, but I think I knew him more than I know some of my own relatives. Sad but true. And I was tremendously sad after hearing of his loss. Gary's words burned. Even reading some of these new posts draws new tears.

Not only am I sad that we lost a swell guy/friend/climber, but I feel I lost something that could've been. I really looked forward to hiking with him and getting to know him more. I think his personality/humor would've clicked with mine. Aside from his cheap malt liquor fetish thing, of course. I like good beer. :lol:

Holly, I can safely and honestly say that I will never forget him, and that many people will remember him forever. I even think that people that didn't know him at all will remember him. Climbers seem to be that way. Do not worry.

I'll be 90 years old in my assisted living home, all pissed off that I can't climb anymore because of my bad hip and paper-thin bones, and I'll gather all the other blue hairs around in a circle to tell them tales of the Talus Monkey. They'll record my storytelling, of course, and then e-hologram it to their great grandchildren.

Within decades David will have usurped the Yeti/Bigfoot/Sasquatch. Only difference: David was real.

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