Peak(s):  Warren, Mt  -  13,307 feet
Rogers Pk  -  13,391 feet
Date Posted:  09/15/2008
Modified:  09/16/2008
Date Climbed:   09/15/2008
Author:  sgladbach
 Mount Rogers and Mount Warren- Final 13ers   

Mount Rogers and Mount Warren- Final 13ers

The internet is an amazing thing. Saturday, September 13th, I finished climbing Colorado's 637 ranked summits over 13,000'. With careful planning, I managed to make this goal coincide with 2,000,000' lifetime elevation gain. As far as I knew, the only people who were aware were those who were on the summit with me and none of those people post on the internet forums. I am a bit embarrassed to post it on the internet; it feels like bragging (on the other hand, I also feel like bragging!). I ticked my last two peaks off on the LOJ site and within hours, I had tons of notes from well wishers. Seems Sarah Thompson watches LOJ and the two big forums pretty closely! Thanks everyone!!

Since I can't figure out how to stick photos in a post, I'll stick this in the TR section. Maybe it can be moved later. For those who asked:

We went up Rogers first, making Mt. Warren my final peak over 13K.

Who was with me?

All but one of the climbers with whom I've climbed a significant # of peaks (Matt Sherman couldn't make it): Mark Schmalz (200+), Lynn Prebble and Marlyn Peet (100+), Carson Black and Linda Jagger (about 50). Others included very good friends from age 15 months to 75 years; we were 18 in all. Some climbed Warren alone and met the rest of us there.

What next?

I'm also trying to climb all the officially named but unranked peaks over 13.000' on the list published in Martin and Garratt's 13er guide. Maybe finish next year? I'd like to try to climb all the 14ers in calendar winter; several safe and lucky winters away. Not planning on the 12ers. I'll have a lot more fun doing new routes with experienced climbers and repeating old peaks with climbers who want someone along who has some experience with the peak. I like to come along with people who are tackling peaks that have them a bit anxious.

I'm hoping my friends send more photos. Most of my best were badly backlit (especially on Warren). But here are a few.


Mark Schmalz, My daughter Alise, Lynn Prebble, Carson Black and Mark Prebble start the trek up Mount Rogers


A close up of Mark Schmalz, Alise, and Lynn Prebble. Lynn kept telling Alise (9) that she would outgrow Lynn (not 9) by the next time they hiked together.


Lynn plotting her next move


Mark Schmalz in a typical piss-poor mood


Alise and Dad on Mt. Rogers


Alise enjoying her first mountain goat sighting


Linda meets Dad and Alise on Mt Warren. My friend Marlyn waited there with her until we arrived. Linda's side of the banner read "Peace out! Sweet Man! Awesome Dad!" Alise wrote "Love You". Guess which is the new middle schooler.

I'd like to show you more of the good friends who joined me, but someone will have to send me good photos. Thanks for all the good tidings.


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Comments or Questions

09/16/2008 04:56
Wow Steve- INCREDIBLE!!!!! That is an AMAZING feat- brag all you want! How do you have the time to do all of those?! What was your favorite? (yeah, tough question considering the # of 13ers!)


09/16/2008 14:52
Nice to have hiked one of those with you (Cronin). You are a machine.


Thanks for posting
09/16/2008 17:13
Make no mistake: you get to brag! This puts you in a very small elite. (Would love to hear you you did some of the 13ers with private property access issues...) Having your daughter along must have been very nice icing on the cake.


Permission to Brag granted!
09/16/2008 17:27
Not that I‘m the guy controlling that...but IMHO, you‘ve earned it. If nothing else, you can brag on taking you daughters along! Congratulations!

Wow--2,000,000 feet?
09/16/2008 17:45
How many years is that spread over? Congratulations. You should get to name one of the un-named 13ers.


You rock.
09/16/2008 18:29
What an impressive accomplishment!


Good work
09/17/2008 01:19
This a feat to be proud of! You‘ve walked a lot of tough miles to get here. 637 big mountains. That‘s a lot of experience. Bet you‘ve learned a few things along the way. Congratulations.


Congratulations Steve
09/17/2008 13:33
You are an inspiration, nice to see you posting here again.


What a Stud!!!!
09/18/2008 00:03
Great job Steve. Sorry I could not make it. I have had a great time climbing some of those peaks with you and other who were with you last weekend. Thanks for being a great climbing partner and a wonderful friend. Great accomplishment buddy.


You are the MAN!
09/18/2008 12:24
On every one of the 210 mountains we have climbed together, you have made me laugh, think, and be thankful to live in this state. Thank you for 20 years of climbing, friend. Congratulations! (Don‘t know about the piss-poor mood comment...very funny!)


09/18/2008 21:07
Congratulations times 637!

So beyond the ”what‘s next?” and ”what was the hardest?” questions, here‘s one you might not have gotten: How many hiking shoes/boots did you go through on that 637-peak adventure?!


09/19/2008 20:00
Way to go Steve. Did Cooper decide not to go on this one? How are your plans shaping up for this Calendar Winter?


09/19/2008 20:41
A very big well done to you! This is an incredible feat!!!! Awesome!


10/11/2008 22:48
a wonderful achievement. (enjoyed meeting you in kilpacker basin this year.) congratulations


11/30/2010 17:28
Needless to say, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!
You've joined that special echelon of people who have drive and persistence that the rest of us can only dream about. Sumitting all the 13ers (ranked) is an incredably HUGE accomplishment.
That picture of you and Alise on Mt. Rogers is simply awesome!
Take some time off already and sleep, ok? 8)
Incredible, Steve; simply incredible.


02/05/2011 00:22
That is an amazing accomplishment Steve. You definitely have earned the right to brag a bit Great that you have had such good company for so many of your climbs. wow.


11/16/2012 03:05
Congratulations. Stumbled upon your story in my prep for this mountain trio. Your spirit and passion for the majesty at altitude speaks to the love of this great state. Awesome!

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