Peak(s):  Grand Turk  -  13,180 feet
Sultan Mtn  -  13,368 feet
Spencer Pk  -  13,087 feet
Date Posted:  10/28/2015
Date Climbed:   10/24/2015
Author:  dillonsarnelli
 Taj's Day Off   

Taj's Day Off

Peaks: Spencer Peak (13,087'), Grand Turk (13,160'), Sultan Mountain (13,373')
Date: October 24, 2015
Trailhead: Little Molas Lake
Distance: ~9 miles
Elevation Gain: ~4,000 feet
Participants: Taj, Dillon Sarnelli

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

A little background. Taj's parents are Jason & Becky Blyth. They went to Boston. Taj had the day off. We hit the San Juans. Keep reading...

Taj's Day Off

Taj's Day Off

Comments or Questions

I think I can like this
10/28/2015 07:08
Only because the dog is cool.

Not because you are cool.

Dave B

Good looking dog
10/28/2015 07:08
Taj has it pretty lucky to go screaming around the mountains with Dillon on his days off!


You had me at dog...
10/28/2015 20:51
In my next life, I want to come back as Taj. Crazy part is, I’d probably get to more summits than I have as a human! Nice report, Dillon!


10/28/2015 09:54
with snow. Man, that’s too cool. Now, where are my skis???
p.s. Food looks good too. Yum.


I’m jealous!
10/28/2015 14:16
I did not know it was an option to hike with Taj but without Jason, I’m jealous!

Thanks for sharing!


10/28/2015 14:32

Thanks for the write up Dillion!! Good read, as always!


Only one bowl of chili?
10/28/2015 14:36
Must not have been much of a hike. At least not like the Mummy–Killer.

Nice job though! Good looking partner!


Thanks, buddy!
10/29/2015 00:02
Taj won’t stop talking about his epic day in the wemi with crazy uncle Dillon. He’s ruined for all the front range junk I bring him on.


Uh huh
10/28/2015 20:37
So what does Taj do on his day On?


taj is a beast
10/29/2015 08:56
K - Oh snap! Did I not like enough of your pics on Instagaper today? haha jk!! - Lets get out after Turkey, maybe ?!?!

Dave - GG traverse loop, start training buddy, but go easy on those anniversary climbs! I hear they can be pretty dangerous. haha - see you in the Park!

Jay - Thanks! A bit of caution, Taj is pretty smelly. You might also want to pick a less hairy dog to come back as. He does get the ladies though.

Natalie - Doesn’t get much better than Wemipalooza with snow. Rock climbing in Grand Junction or skiing powder in The San Juany’s in October? Who are you and what have you done with Natalie? Oh and that’s the best post-anything chile there is right there.

Shawn - haha. Take care of Taj’s dad on Aconcagua man. He’s dangerous.

John - #bro ####the quadrahash?!?! oh man!

Doug – Thanks! Easy peasy and the Mummy Kill was pretty BA if I do say so myself. That bowl of chile from Pagosa Brewing comes highly recommended. They also have a new White Out IPA.

JB - That Taj, he’s one hell of a talker! Thanks for letting him come out and play buddy. When we pulled over on 285, he made a B line for Little Bear. What is the Front Range?

Amy - good question. I think he might be CIA. He has no thumbs so anything with a keyboard was automatically ruled out at birth. He’s also not the brightest animal, so he might run for President.


10/29/2015 10:00
looks like the two of you had a good time. what a wise looking dog.


Nice report
10/31/2015 17:37
So what kind of dog is Taj? Golden retriever?


@ Ali & Eddie
11/03/2015 11:09
thanks fellers. Ali – good time indeed! wise looking with looking being the keyword. Eddie – yep! mostly golden. might be part rabbit too. Hope all is going well!

Steve Climber

11/03/2015 15:45
oh hey, Dillon.

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