Peak(s):  Rosalie Pk  -  13,575 feet
Pegmatite Points - 12227
Date Posted:  06/23/2014
Date Climbed:   06/23/2014
Author:  goingup
 The most exciting trip report ever written on Rosalie Peak, EVER!  

Gotcha! But it will be kind of exciting.

Strava gave me:
12.2 miles
4,578 feet of gain
4.5 hours with breaks

Since Mount Audubon I have climbed other non-14 thousand foot peaks namely Apache Peak, Navajo Peak, and Niwot Ridge in its entirety. That was a far more exciting day (first time in crampons) but I have also grown lazy so you get a report on Rosalie. As well, Abe and I had another even more epic trip to Utah for memorial day weekend and I ran some mountains no one cares about. One day I will probably climb a 14er again but since last summer my drive has changed. I want to run up everything. Really digging the new method I have employed. Open up a map, pick peak(s), go for it. I only care about the vert. I have become a vert monster.

I opened up my Idaho Springs, Georgetown, Loveland pass map on Sunday evening and started poking around. Down in the bottom right hand corner of the east side I noticed Deer Creek TH and followed Tanglewood Trail north and spotted Rosalie. I was sold once I found out the TH was only 50 minutes away from my apartment. Such an easy drive...470 to 285 to 43 (before Bailey). 43 is a paved road and very easy to follow, stay left at the junction with 47. Before 43 hits the Deer Creek campsite it turns to a dirt road. I did not know what to expect beyond this point (about 0.8 miles to actual TH) but being the devilish risk taker I am I forged on and my tiny two door honda civic made it no problem.

I started at 8 a.m. me, myself, and I. I wore minimalist trail runners and a nathans hydration pack with small snacks and a rain coat stuffed inside.

Things were going well for the first mile and a half or so. It was chilly but I was running and making good time. I came to the junction with Rosalie Trail but continued on Tanglewood towards the saddle of Rosalie and Pegmatite. Deer Creek was raging and the sound of water followed me the entire time. It was glorious. The trail was in ruff shape and gradually became impossible to run. Deer creek was creeking all over the place and the "trail" became a stream of slippery roots, wet loose rock, and mud...oh the mud. Being the lover of nature I am I refused to side skirt this hot mess so I ended up with VERY wet/dirty feet.

The creek from hell.

Shockingly enough the trail really went up, for like a really really long time. My thought process went something like this: "Oh this is so beautiful, majestical glorious nature, oh how I love you. Listen to those birds chirping, Oh there's some squirrels fighting, how cute." "Hmmmm....that root was slippery, that was fun how that mud just took my shoe off...I'm running through a creek, awesome." "Oh my god another creek crossing." "Holy crap this is really steep, wait where is the trail? this all looks the same.. Oh cairn...phew." "Now I am slipping all over the place and being assaulted by every biting bug that ever existed. Man I am so hungry but can't stop." "tree line, WHERE THE HELL IS TREE LINE?!?!!?"

Tree line came and was absolutely stunning. This area is soooooooo nice. I was pleasantly surprised. Creek trail did not let up until I made it to the saddle (around 12,000 feet) and I had to cross one small snow field.

Tree Line







I knew from the saddle I would climb Rosalie's east side and I knew that this would entail 1,600 feet of gain in about a mile. Yum. Here I go. I started off in a light jog. This lasted about 10 minutes before altitude punched me in the quads and said, "you're power-hiking." So power-hike I did. The power hiking lasted until about 700 feet from the summit where altitude punched me in the lungs and said, "you're walking." So walk I did. This lasted until I was about 300 feet from the summit when altitude punched me in the head and said, "you're not going to make it." Um, yes I am. I started counting off paces, 200, 10 second rest, 200, 10 second rest, and eventually I was standing on top of the cairn at the summit in the freezing cold wind. I enjoyed the views for about 50 seconds before my face, hands, ears, and teeth went numb. Jogged back to the saddle while eating probar chews.

Summit Rosalie


I had big plans to continue on to Epaulet but the clouds were swirling and darkening, I can't lie, Rosalie kicked my ass and the thought of another 1,600 feet of gain was absolutely terrifying even for the vert monster. I had a contingency plan, Pegmatite Points.

The wind was furious and unrelenting but the points offered some little scrambles and I was having type two fun. There is fun that comes in the form of suffering (type one) (attempting to run up Rosalie) and fun that comes in the form of having my hand on some rock (type two). A combo of type one and two is ideal. I enjoyed the playground over to the high point of 12,227.

Heading towards the Points.



I call this look the mountain mullet. Really hip stylist, the wind.

I once again returned to the saddle, reconnected with the trail, and ran/jog/slid/fell back to my car.

Runnable sections of trail.


On the way out I was able to catch a large heard of these majestical creatures of the mountain grazing.

Mountain dualicorns

What a lovely area.

The End.

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 Comments or Questions

06/24/2014 04:46
Mountains have feelings too Mike.


How dare you...
06/24/2014 14:30
...leave Jeffco Open Space! Cheater.


That WAS the most exciting tr of Rosalie I've
06/24/2014 15:34
read. It's also the only one, but exciting none the less. The vert monster sounds scary!

I love image 5. Thank God those flowers were there, the mountain is otherwise really colorless.

”All in all the clock is slow. Six color pictures all in a row, of a marigold.” I don't suppose those flowers are marigolds? I was just listening to that song.


Your reports always make me smile...
06/24/2014 16:03
And this one was no exception. Natalie beat me to the punch with the ”most exciting report” - I recall reading that right after it happened.

Love your Mountain Mullet, BTW.....


I read that but it wasn't
06/24/2014 17:27
exciting. I felt so terrible for that poor girl.

Jeff~ All I could think about was Lookout Mountain


always a good read Kay!
06/25/2014 01:11
thanks for sharing!


07/02/2014 02:47
sweet vertalige.


04/02/2015 19:45
Mike, that mountain has a few snowfields, it cannot be THAT ugly. Maybe you can do laps?

Kay - nice report. Next time, save some energy and go check out the Epaulets - the view of Bierstadt from there will restore your faith in that mountain. Once you catch the trail in the basin below it goes pretty quick back to the TH.

I am afraid the most exciting report on Rosalie is this one. Not sure if ”exciting” is the right word though.

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