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French Mtn from Halfmoon Crk via NNE ridge 
By: Martian Bachelor
Peak(s): French Mtn
Added: 05/24/2007
French Mtn 08/21/2002 05/24/2007   2
Leviathan Pk from upper Noname 
By: Martian Bachelor
Peak(s): Leviathan Pk
Added: 05/12/2007
Leviathan Pk 06/27/1976 05/12/2007   4
White Rock from upper West Brush Crk 
By: Martian Bachelor
Added: 05/12/2007
White Rock Mtn 07/02/2005 05/12/2007 1  3
Electric Pk via Major Crk, Electric Pass, & NW ridge 
By: Martian Bachelor
Peak(s): Electric Pk A
Added: 05/12/2007
Electric Pk A 08/14/2003 05/12/2007   3
T-0, via East Ridge from lower Blue Lk 
By: Martian Bachelor
Peak(s): "T 0"
Added: 05/12/2007
"T 0" 07/29/2006 05/12/2007 1  4
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