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Class 3 North Ridge of Democrat...and almost a centennial 
By: jlarson630
Peak(s): Mt. Democrat
Added: 08/20/2013
Mt. Democrat 08/18/2013 08/20/2013 1  12 2
The Longs Grand Slam. 
By: jlarson630
Added: 08/01/2013
Longs Peak
Meeker, Mt
Pagoda Mtn
Storm Pk B
Lady Washington, Mt
07/31/2013 08/01/2013 11  15 9
Moonlit Solo In The Sawatch 
By: jlarson630
Added: 10/05/2012
Mt. Belford
Mt. Oxford
Missouri Mountain
10/02/2012 10/05/2012 7  16 1
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