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Grouse Canyon Trailhead

Posted By: JQDivide
Info: There is no sign for CR 292, but it’s about 10 miles from the highway AND the turn is where the road changes from pavement to dirt. Right turn onto a bridge. Just past the bridge there is a small brown stick sign that says "292"
Go about 1/2 mile, right turn into the TH, also marked with stick sign.
The TH is rough and has parking for about 4 vehicles.
Posted By: CarpeDM
Info: No trouble in a Subi-type vehicle. Many 2wds with some clearance could get there or very close.
Posted By: sdkeil
Info: CR-162 is plowed and passable by any car. We had to park just after turning onto CR-292 after going across the bridge for Chalk Creek. There is space enough for about 2 cars. This puts you about 0.5 mile from the unsigned 4wd road turn off.
Posted By: TakeMeToYourSummit
Info: Trailhead is easy enough to find with the advice on this page. The top section (after the 0.4 miles) is only 500‘ long with like 50‘ of elevation gain. Unless you plan on car camping, bringing a 4wd is not necessary or worth the reduced gas-efficiency.
Posted By: Wyoming Bob
Info: Well packed snow suitable for Subaru up through 4WD
Posted By: d_baker
Info: TH is still accessible with some snow (~6" ??) on the road. Traffic on CR 292 has rutted the snow pack, so I think some clearance is a good thing. 4x4 probably not necessary.
Posted By: Chicago Transplant
Info: All the winter snow has melted out, including for the first mile up the trail. Some new snow was falling today though, so may want to let that melt first. This TH is not paved, the pavement ends just before the 292 turnoff. 2WD dirt to the unmarked turnoff .4 miles in, then a little rocky, might want to park lower clearance vehicles below this road.
Posted By: mtsuji
Info: road is clear

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