Half Moon (Tigiwon) Trailhead
? (LATE OPENING) The Tigiwon road opens each year on June 21st. Until it opens, you'll have to bike or hike the road.


Range: Sawatch Range
Coordinates: 39.50054, -106.43318
14ers: Mt. of the Holy Cross
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Road Difficulty

2WD, easy dirt road 1   (0=Paved, 6=Very Difficult 4WD)
2WD dirt to the TH.

Driving Directions

From Interstate 70, take Exit 171 and follow U.S. 24. Drive almost 5 miles and turn right onto the Tigiwon road. The turn is just before U.S. 24 crosses the Eagle River and starts to switchback up the hillside. The Tigiwon road is dirt and cars can usually make it to the trailhead. Drive just over 8 miles to the trailhead. More information on the Tigiwon Road (#707) can be found on the US Forest Service Motorized Vehicle Use Map for the Holy Cross Ranger District. IMPORTANT: The Tigiwon road is closed each year between November 22nd and June 21st but biking or hiking the road is allowed.

Winter Access

Closed near the bottom of the Tigiwon road. Road is closed from November 22nd until June 21st but they may not open the gate until late in the day on the 20th, depending on conditions or when they get around to it. If you plan on heading there around the time of the road opening, please contact the Holy Cross office of the US Forest Service Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District at 970-827-5715.
Status Updates 
Posted By: JasonCrane
Info: 707/Notch Mountain Road is rough, but saw a number of vehicles including my Ford Escape reach the TH without many issues. As previously stated, the road deteriorates significantly at the community house. Typical "washboarding," small protruding rocks & some potholes up to that point. Shake ’n bake & you should be okay. Use your best judgment. According to my GPS, road ascends ~2k feet to TH.
Posted By: V1per41
Info: Road was in good shape. I was able to make it to the top in a stock Subaru WRX with minimal issues. Road is definitely rougher past the community house.
Posted By: rcpelikan
Info: Made it to the top easily in a 2wd stock Ford Focus. The road was in better condition than, for example, Shavano/Tabeguache and Fourmile Creek. Agree with Evan below that there are areas that look questionable, but you get over them just by being slow and deliberate. This was a busy trailhead for a Thursday and I was struck by the narrow width of the road in several sections.
Posted By: Evan_Hikes
Info: Wouldn’t recommend a sedan but with good clearance you could make it, no huge potholes but enough ruts to make you (me) cringe a little. I think my 2003 Accord could have done it, but you’ll have to go slow and be deliberate. No problem for a Cherokee Trailhawk, recommend at least a high clearnce 2WD SUV/CUV. Road is completely clear all the way to the trailhead.
Posted By: jtdavis
Info: Made it with my two door 2wd with some minor maneuvering. Road is a little rough but pot holes are minor.
Posted By: cisnerosab
Info: Yes, your Jeep Wrangler can make it to the top in 2WD, but your Prius won’t. Saw two sedans that both bailed around the 1mi mark. This road is textbook subaruable.

Probably should be rated higher since not all cars can make it.
Posted By: RWSchaffer
Info: As of noon on 5/27, the winter closure gate remains closed and locked (pictured).
Posted By: RWSchaffer
Info: My 2WD hatchback made it to the trailhead without difficulty.

The road is mostly dry. Significant stretches of packed snow remain, much of it in the first two miles which aren’t melting as fast.

Driving in late at night, the snow stretches were frozen solid. Driving out mid-afternoon, most snow stretches were sloppy and melting fast.

The road closes to wheeled vehicles in just over two weeks (pictured).
Posted By: E_A_Marcus_949
Info: Straight forward road pretty much any car can make with decent driving. Washboarding and a few small obstacles that can mostly be avoided or carefully driven around if in a lower-clearance car. Parking lot was full and packed at 3:30am on Sunday (holiday weekend) - parked along the road - even more full with plenty of cars lining the road early afternoon.
Posted By: Green_river
Info: Bad weather, this road can be a 2, but on a dry day, it’s easily a 1.
A Tesla Model S made it up right behind me.
Posted By: beau730
Info: The road is most definitely passable for a 2WD vehicle. A few small spots to slow down and maneuver around, but nothing too low.

Smoke wasnt terrible either.
Posted By: bsargeant1

Message from the US Forest Service:

MINTURN, Colo. The Forest Service will close the Tigiwon Road (FSR 707) south of Minturn from Monday, Aug. 17 to Wednesday, Aug. 19 for annual road grading and maintenance.

The Forest Service is temporarily closing the road this year to ensure the heavy maintenance can be accomplished safely by ensuring the large grader equipment, dump trucks and loaders are not interacting with the high volume of forest visitors the area is seeing this year.

In past years this maintenance could be accomplished without a temporary closure during mid-week, when visitation was relatively low. This year the road has been busy all week long.

Many of our visitors are parking along the side of this very narrow road to access the Cross Creek and Half Moon trailheads, said District Ranger Leanne Veldhuis. It would not be responsible for the heavy road equipment to try to navigate between the parked vehicles to get this important road work accomplished. We thank our visitors for understanding.

The road will close beginning at 12:01 a.m. Monday to ensure crews can begin early that morning. The gate will be closed at the Forest boundary. The land before the gate is privately owned and not available for parking.

There are a number of great alternate hikes on the Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District visitors can use during this short, three-day closure, Veldhuis said.

Visit https://www.fs.usda.gov/whiteriver for up to date information or call the Eagle-Holy Cross Ranger District office at 970-827-5715.
Posted By: Chicago Transplant
Info: ALERT: Tigiwon road will be closed Monday 8/17/20 through Wednesday 8/19/20 for road grading. Should be nice and smooth for all the low clearance vehicles when it reopens ;)

FS Office for questions: 970-827-5715

More info:

Posted By: NathanLizard
Info: No issues getting my Honda Civic to the trailhead today. There were a couple of places on the road up that required me to be strategic with my choice of path but it wasn’t bad at all. Take it slow, make smart choices and you will be fine.
Posted By: Thmpsn_
Info: Road to the trailhead is super easy to navigate with any vehicle. Took my 2006 Mazda 3 car to the trailhead with no remote issues. There was a 2018 Corvette ZO6 sports car at the trailhead....super low clearance vehicle. Literally any car can make it here regardless of clearance. Just go slow at the couple small rockier spots. This trailhead easily should stay a 1 on the scale. Any easier and it would be paved.
Posted By: mtgoatmike
Info: The road to the trailhead was totally doable in my 2wd, low clearance, 2000 Honda Accord. Had to do a lot of "tactical" driving. Driving up the road around 2am, there were some large potholes just below Tigiwon cabin on a few of the switchbacks. After the Tigiwon cabin the road got really muddy on the switchbacks; it was like driving on slushy snow. Driving down from the trailhead the road conditions had deteriorated with the morning’s traffic coming up the road. The muddy switchbacks had some nice ruts that were unavoidable.

Overall, the road should be rated, at minimum, a "2". Play it safe/smart, and you’ll find your low clearance adventure vehicle at the trailhead in no time.
Posted By: Dignus
Info: Like many people have said, this ought to be rated a 2, perhaps even 3. Road is even bumpier than when I drove up last fall.
Posted By: waelouf
Info: Definitely should be ranked at least 2, still doable with a low-clearance car (AWD recommended) but with bit of struggle
Posted By: rudi32
Info: Road should definitely be ranked a 2. Not terrible, but some lower clearance 2wd vehicles would struggle in a few spots.
Posted By: CaptCO
Info: This road needs to be ranked a 2, not 1. Hundreds of potholes will make getting up in a passenger car very unenjoyable. Luckily I had no issues with ol trusty F150
Posted By: Clint the climber
Info: The road is open all the way to the trailhead and is passable in a low clearance 2wd vehicle.
Posted By: cottonmountaineering
Info: Can ride bicycle until just before ranger station, upper road melting fast
Posted By: drhunter1986
Info: Clear all the way to Half Moon TH! 4x4 and good tires recommended though.
Posted By: amymaylee94
Info: Couple of rough spots on the road that you have to drive slowly on with a 2wd. I hit the bottom of my car a few times because I wasn’t careful. Otherwise, passable for any vehicle with some careful driving.
Posted By: madmattd
Info: As has been discussed, this road is easily 2WD passable. I made it up without any issues in a basic station wagon, 5-6" of clearance. Other than a couple badly rutted spots where low-clearance vehicles just need to slow and pick a line, it’s your typical dirt road with some minor washboarding and small rocks at times but nothing to worry about. Several 2WD sedans at the trailhead (Impreza, Corolla, etc). If anything I think the road is overall better than around this time last year. Lot was full but not exploding today, only a few vehicles parked along the road near the TH. There was some sort of large gathering at the Community House Saturday night, I suspect this was why the dispersed camping was largely occupied but we still found a spot up high.

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