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N. Halfmoon Creek Trailhead

Posted By: Gueza
Info: Drivable 0.3 miles past the Mt. Massive TH before patchy and deep snow drifts start
Posted By: Jcinco
Info: Road is still quite snowy starting about 3 miles in just past the first cluster of dispersed campsites. There are definitely vehicles traveling past this point, but it was getting too snowy/slushy for me to venture beyond in my minivan. With the upcoming stretch of warm weather, Im guessing it will fully melt in the next week or so.
Posted By: wanderlust073
Info: Good shape end to end (for a 4x4 road).

Kudos to the asshat that abandoned their car just downhill of the artillery shell crater .25mi from the trailhead, rather than simply backing up and taking one of the countless open pullouts. Im sure everyone appreciated the added calculus of avoiding your car while navigating the obstacle.
Posted By: Omatt89
Info: Made it to upper 4wd TH start with my stock 09 4x4 colorado! I only have about 6.5 inches of clearance at my lowest parts and I kinda needed a bit more. I certainly scraped in a few spots but just my crossbar. Took some tricky navigating and some rock stacking. I would not have attempted without buddies and a spotter In my little rig. I also would not try again without something bigger. This was certainly fun though and not that long. At the very beginning there are two close together humps which can be passed hugging the far right side going up. There are no serious ruts close the the TH but there are two cruxes to navigate. The last one is easily passable on the drop off side for smaller vehicles. The 2nd to last crux is on a hill and I climbed it easily with my colorado which has a 5 cylinder. Took it on the far right side going up. Going down we had to do some rock stacking. Great beginner 4x4 road. I’d say it’s a mellow 3/6.
Posted By: zgilbert
Info: Made it to the 4WD TH in a stock F150 on Saturday (I do have skid plates which, though never engaged, greatly eased my mind...). I did spin a bit (in 4L) coming up the 0.3mi crux but was able to back up a few feet and take it with a little speed. The truck did shift toward the boulder on the right while going up but no contact was made. It’s possible my line was biased to the right out of fear of going off the left. Not too bad, but next time I might just park below this spot. Came back in the dark and, as other have said, down is much easier.
Posted By: jaredsciarrotta
Info: Completed Mount Massive yesterday. Had to turn around about 0.3 miles from the trailhead/parking area. I would say that last stretch should at least be rated a 4/6 or even higher from a few particular sections. I drive a Forester and have been able to get it up Nellie Creek and South Colony lakes AWD section without issue. Everything leading up to that point however would still be a 3/6
Posted By: Nicster
Info: Was able to make it to the trailhead in a stock Subaru Crosstrek without too much drama, going down was much easier. Careful placement and a spotter made all the difference. To illustrate that, on our way back down we came across a Jeep Wrangler that had gotten itself stuck in the rutted section around 0.3mi from the trailhead. Better equipment does not solve everything!
Posted By: Hiking_TheRockies
Info: The road is easy 4wd except a couple sections in the last .5ish. The big ruts mentioned in previous reports are pretty legit, 4wd with high clearance is a good idea. Our stock Acura MDX made it up the first rut without too much difficulty, but in the last .3 the road steepens and then levels out into the second rut, which is pretty gnarly. Sounds like you can bypass it on the left (on the way up), but we didn’t get up to it. We parked on the side of the road below this steeper uphill section (there are a number of spots to park along the road before the parking lot, and the lot has a good number of spots as well) and hiked .3 to the trailhead. Surprisingly there were more people parked alongside the road on the way up than actually at the trailhead. After the 2nd rut the road is still 4wd but the only obstacles past that are some small rocks and things of that sort. Drive slow, be safe, and have fun!
Posted By: taisharmoridin
Info: I made it to the trailhead in my stock Crosstrek (8.7in of clearance). The portion mentioned in the previous update about a 1/3 of a mile from the trailhead is a little sketchy. Keeping close to the edge where the road drops off I was able to make it through. One wheel was definitely off the ground, but only briefly. Coming back down was significantly easier. Took me a couple attempts coming up and had to back up get out of the car to find a better line. Doable with a little patience and probably much easier if you’ve got someone helping direct.
Posted By: jmeizis
Info: Tried to drive my Subaru to the N. Half-moon Creek trailhead (the farther one). Aside from AT tires it’s stock. There is a rutted out section about a third of a mile before the parking area that I wasn’t going to risk. The truck behind me said my back wheel was off the ground. I’ve driven up South Colony in that vehicle a couple times and this road just had one little section I couldn’t get through. There was another Subaru at the trailhead so it’s doable but pretty aggressive.
Posted By: cougar
Info: The road is in better shape than I remembered, and seems like some work was done to patch around some of the rocks, but I didn’t drive it based on previous experience and report. The rock dip still exists. CR-V and a minivan, among others, made it to the trailhead.
Posted By: mns96
Info: I drove the CRV mentioned in the review below! Made it up to the top of the 4WD road, no problem. As long as youre careful and confident in choosing a line and take it slow, its extremely doable.
Posted By: mns96
Info: I drove the CRV mentioned in the review below! Made it up to the top of the 4WD road, no problem. As long as youre careful and confident in choosing a line and take it slow, its extremely doable.
Posted By: E_A_Marcus_949
Info: Summer conditions. I’ve taken my 2018 Forester (stock) up a lot of places, so I’m fairly confident with it, but it only made it past 1 of the 3 major obstacles for this road, and I had to turn around. The obstacles start about 0.5mi from the final TH. They are also near steep parts, so take that into consideration when you’re trying to get your vehicle up. There are plenty of pullouts and areas to park along the road - please be cognizant of other vehicles needing to turn around or drive and pull off to the side. Most were good at this on Sunday, though.

First: There are some large divots and rocks - I got past this with a few tries and careful wheel placements.
Second: Narrow, slick rock obstacle - large rock to passenger side (if heading toward the TH) and in the road. Too slick with too deep of divots for me to get up. I tried to get through this and got partway but too slick.
Third: More large divots/holes and rock obstacles. I do not think my car would’ve succeeded.

Cars at the TH for reference: jeeps, trucks, 4Runners, 1 Subaru Crosstrek (nice work!), Xterras, etc. One brave Mazda suv made it up too.
Posted By: aholle88
Info: Please stop leaving your vehicles in the road when you cant make it up the rocky section folks. There was a black Forester there this morning, a truck last week. If you dont have the driving skills or dont have a vehicle capable of clearing the obstacles, just park at the bottom of the hill at the road junction/creek crossing. Theres plenty of parking out of the way there and it adds 0 distance to your hike. This is too common of a theme here on this road, oh, cant make it up that, guess Ill just park it.

Road is clear, for those wondering. Some rocky ledges above the road junction/creek crossing that stops many vehicles. Road up to that point is a bit rougher than last year but still do able without significant clearance as long as youre careful.
Posted By: csf-lhiver
Info: Dry all the way to TH. Using stock Tacoma access cab
Posted By: infinitealpine
Info: Made it to the TH in a stock RAV4. There are really only 2 tough spots, the first which I needed to hit with a bit of speed. The second is a large hole that can be avoided if you hug the outer bank. Aside from those 2 spots it’s not a bad road but high clearance is definitely needed.
Posted By: CraigE
Info: I got to the trailhead fine in a Subaru Forester. The roughest spot a few hundred yards before the parking area was in better shape than the last time I was up there in 2020. It took a little care to get past, but it’s definitely Subaru-able.
Posted By: cougar
Info: Had some trouble getting my Outback up the steeper part with the rocks and didn’t want to force it for just a half mile. Didn’t bother with x mode. Road is much better above the short rock section. Looks like it’s more worn and plenty of scratches on the rocks. 4 runners and 4x4 trucks fine. Rest of road is bumpy but passable.
Posted By: seeking timberline
Info: It looks like someone has filled in the large hole in the center of the rock obstacle near the top with rocks and dirt. It didn’t matter too much because the best line is still to the right going up. Made it with no problem in a stock Grand Cherokee. There were a couple of Jeep Wranglers, a Tacoma, a lifted FJ Cruiser and of course, a Subaru up there by the end of the day. I lifted one wheel off the ground going back down, which was kind of entertaining.
Posted By: camocreation
Info: Slowly drove all of the way to the N. Halfmoon Creek lot in my RAV4 today without any issues. There were other similar-sized SUVs including Subaru Outbacks and Crosstreks parked at the top as well. Careful lines over the few rough spots kept me from scraping, but much easier than I thought it was going to be from previous reports. There were some larger rocks/boulders on the sides...so maybe someone had relocated them from the middle of the road???
Posted By: Bob Mitchell
Info: I made it past the obstacle .3 miles below the trailhead in a stock Tacoma. I had a couple of guys spotting for me and picked my line and had no problems.
Posted By: mijoflynn
Info: If you’re trying to calculate your chances of making it to the TH, consider: 4th of July crowds, road above the regular Halfmoon Creek TH (the one at the river crossing) absolutely packed, and when I got there at 6:45 exactly no one had made it past the obstacle. At 11:45, on my way down, one Tacoma was parked at the upper TH.

On the drive in, the full-size truck two cars ahead of me tried and failed to make it over the obstacle and then bailed, causing a caravan of cars to have to reverse down the hill for a quarter mile, resulting in at least one fender bender. I didn’t bother trying myself after that; I just parked and hiked the stinking half-mile.

Pic is of the obstacle from above. Even the Jeep owner parked and erred on the side of caution.
Posted By: two lunches
Info: my lifted 4Runner could have made it past the rock obstacle approximately 1/4mi. from the 4WD trailhead. however, on the approach, the perceived risk of going over it was not worth the reward for me so i parked just below it.

for whatever it may be worth to the next person who encounters the rock, the road above the obstacle is flat, gentle, and decidedly in better condition than everything between it and the Massive/Elbert THs
Posted By: colin j
Info: Just adding a pic of the obstacle about 0.25 mile from the trailhead. Trucks and Jeeps seem to be making it by with proper line choice; though some trucks and a 4runner parked below.

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