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Stewart Creek Trailhead

Posted By: coniferjen
Info: Road is clear of snow this season. Several downed trees across the road have been cut through by a gentleman from Gunnison. The 2 creeks to drive through are low enough to drive through with a Mazda CX-30 with no issues.
Posted By: shapovalovm
Info: 2WD low-clearance road all the way to the TH. Made it in an Accord no problem. Creeks are very low right now, so crossing is not a problem.
Posted By: Mustavio
Info: You can zoom zoom on the country roads but caution after Chavez Creek. Some of the road cuts have a big drop on the backside.

Camping (not marked) in the few miles right before the TH, or go another .3 miles to the outhouses and camp in the big open area there.
Info: Very easy trailhead that can really be accessed by any suv and probably most sedans. There is some washboard on the way and 7-10 cattle guards that you cross. It does get a little old. There are ~30 miles of dirt roads to reach the trailhead so be prepared. 2 small river crossings are very easy this time of year and they have concrete bases to them so I assume they usually aren’t too bad all summer. If you can park at the stewart creek TH then just go about a quarter mile down the road to the large bathroom and trailhead area. There is no technical offroading to reach this trailhead, just no cell service and a long dirt road.
Posted By: BRadleyC
Info: Both creek crossings an inch or less water flow at present. Beware the bees and wasps if camping at the trailhead under the trees. Fortunately did not get stung or get any in the tent but they were thick in that area.
Posted By: GuiGirard
Info: No problem reaching that trailhead with an outback, and I would think it’d be true for any vehicle. It’s just long, and there are "surprise" short rougher sections that warrant to never get complacent with the general great and smooth nature of the road.
Also if of interest to anyone, I left towards Lake City by using the shortcut on 794-2B then 8EE to Cathedral then CR 50 West to hwy 149, and these are fine too. Some rocky sections require slower and cautious driving, especially since this is not the right place to have car trouble.
Posted By: violadeeblues
Info: The creek crossings were passable in my lil, low-clearance 2WD mazda3! The second one is running a bit higher than the first. See pic of second crossing.
Posted By: lucynemes86
Info: Road to TH is in good shape. 2 creek water crossing. Right now it’s probably 2-3 in deep. Almost any car can make it fine.
Trail to San Luis free of snow all the way up. Beautiful views.
Posted By: infinitealpine
Info: The 2 creek crossings are maybe 3in deep.
Posted By: sabviv
Info: Coming from Parlin, county roads were in pretty good shape. Never put the car (older 4Runner) in 4WD. The two creek crossings were only a couple inches deep. Except for some steeper hill sections and the water probably would be drive-able for smaller vehicles but definitely no problem for anything with a little clearance and power.
Posted By: scott_s
Info: Road is clear to TH, pretty easy drive except maybe 5% which needs higher clearance. Creek crossings were fine in a Subaru forester (pics attached), water was probably about 4 inches deep.
Posted By: Saucerful
Info: The road is snow free to the TH but both creek crossings are running quite strongly due to the plentiful snowfall last winter. Would not attempt in anything low clearance yet.
Posted By: Reg0928
Info: Dry to TH
Posted By: dhagan
Info: Google maps is spot on for Stewart Creek, Nutras Creek, and Eddiesville THs. Definitely helpful when driving in the dark.
Posted By: geo_andrews
Info: Left the McDonald’s in Gunnison at 5:15 am. Started our hike at 6:45 am. The road is in great condition. It gets a little rough after the first creek crossing but easily got there in my GMC Terrain. Saw a minivan at the TH.
Posted By: Btuperkwh
Info: Road to Stewart Creek TH is in great shape (it has been graded recently). It rained off and all day but the road is stable - no ruts yet. First stream crossing is running at about 2 inches . Second stream crossing maybe 4 inches max. The 2nd crossing is the only place where a 2WD sedan may have trouble due to clearance and the slope up one side. Concrete pads under the stream crossings make it easy. I have a Jeep Cherokee and made the trip from Gunnison to the TH in 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Posted By: TheSpaceForce
Info: Concur with previous report: 2WD CRV easily accessed this TH. Water is about 2-3 inches deep in the stream crossings. Eddiesville privies are open & stocked.
Posted By: thaisgaia
Info: Dirty road to the TH is in great conditions. Made it to the TH with my 2WD w/ no problems.
Posted By: RyGuy
Info: The road is totally dry to the first creek crossing, then spots of snow all the way to the TH. Snow coverage in some areas is the whole road, but only an inch or two in depth. No issue with traction in a stock Jeep Wrangler. The usual iceflow that starts making the road hard to pass near the Nutras TH has started to form, but isn’t onto the road yet. Outhouse at Eddysville is open and stocked with TP.
Posted By: thurs
Info: Made it just fine in a fairly long wheelbase, low clearance minivan. The two crossings were a couple inches deep.

Btw if you love rally racing you’re going to love this road.
Posted By: GuiGirard
Info: Road was in great condition (albeit a little muddy and slightly slippery) coming up Sep 2 and coming down on the 4th (100% dry by then). The road on the plateau gets so good for a while that it is easy to drive too fast on it, only to be greeted by hard-to-spot drains that have been partially eroded and will knock hard on the suspensions. I hit one very hard once and not again as I got more careful. With that in mind, it was a walk in the park for an Outback. I even saw a Tesla sedan parked at Nutras Creek trailhead on my way out. Why they were parked there is unknown, as the Nutras Creek trailhead is before the creek crossing, but it is still after the first creek crossing anyway, and a lot of the aforementioned tricky drains are before Nutras on the way up. I drove from Buena Vista through Monarch Pass, and the navigation from Google Maps was excellent throughout, took me through the dirt road cutoff out of Doleyville on US-50 to CO-114. These 16(?) miles of dirt road are superbly maintained. Past CO-114, the county road through the Cochetopa Wildlife Refuge offered me some of the most spectacular views I ever enjoyed anywhere in Colorado. Re gas: I filled up in Buena Vista, but the nearest pump coming this way is in Sargents along US-50. I was just under 3/4 tank when back in Sargents.
Posted By: Carl_Healy
Info: Way easier to get to than I thought.
No problem with my RWD 2002 F-150. Both river crossings.
I know high clearance vehicles are recommended but there was even a Hyundai sedan at the trailhead...
Posted By: jakesoren10
Info: Great TH, 2 water crossings on the way there, nothing huge. Lots of miles of dirt roads to get here (fill up with gas before you leave Hwy 50)
When you read that it’s very remote, it is VERY REMOTE.
Posted By: chow
Info: Road is nice and dry. No issues at all crossing creeks in a mid size SUV.
Posted By: Verticality
Info: No issues at all with a Subaru Forester. No snow on the road, summer conditions as previously reported. Long road to the trailhead but in great shape with no potholes or large rocks. Included three pictures of the two main creek crossings (Pauline Creek and Nutras Creek). Steel culverts at all the other creek crossings keep the rest of the road nearly always dry. Higher clearance recommended for late spring / early summer just for those creek crossings.

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