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Cross Mountain Trailhead

Posted By: angry
Info: Dry. No camping at TH but directly across the road there is a large camping area with great views of surrounding peaks.
Posted By: supranihilest
Info: Totally dry, plenty of parking. Nearest public bathroom is about 2 miles north on SH 145 at Lizard Head Pass/Lizard Head trailhead.
Posted By: Kiefer
Info: Trailhead is plowed. Will accommodate 6-7 vehicles. Lots of snowshoe/snowmobile/ski tracks in the area.
Posted By: angry
Info: Large parking area. Trail is dry all the way to the basin.
Posted By: alpinenut
Info: Trailhead is obviously fine. However if youre thinking about Slate Creek Approach to Mt Wilson make sure you have a good freeze and bring snowshoes for the way down. Still lots of snow in the trees that gets very warm in the afternoon. Skiing seems pretty much done even though theres still lots of snow up there. Lots of avalanche debris on the East Face.
Posted By: c13mueller
Info: A friend and I attempted to summit Mount Wilson via the east face. There was only light snow at the parking lot and we were able to navigate the cross mountain trail very easily. Somebody had snowshoed towards lizard head before us, but we were fine with bare boots. Unfortunately, we went too far without turning and had to double back. The trek through the woods was the hardest part. We took slightly different routes in each direction, but faced similar challenges. Snowshoes would have been helpful, but parts of the route were free of snow and I’m not sure they would have been particularly helpful on that terrain. We were constantly crawling over falling trees. If there is a nicer route through those woods, I’d love to find it. We were tempted to follow the river down and just hike the road back to up to the trailhead. Sun had baked much the snow off the south facing slopes above the treeline, so we made easy progress up towards Gladstone. Pockets of deep powder made the scree field difficult. We would slip ofd the exposed rocks and often posthole above our knees. Crampons and micro spikes were a great help, but I wish I had snowshoes. We found some harder wind swept snow as we made the left turn towards the summit. Crampons and axes worked great on this hard snow. We made the smart choice to turn around at 2. We had made it to that final gully at 13800, but it was filled with waist-deep powder, the sun was setting, and a storm was rolling in. It was snowing pretty hard during out descent, but the route is still too dry to ski. For a reattempt, I’d like more snow, so I can commit to skis or snow shoes (with 3 more feet of snow, maybe you can cruise over all the fallen trees on skis). Also, I’d like to start a couple hours before sunrise or camp at the treeline. As always, stronger hip flexors would be nice too.
Posted By: Stone Climber
Info: TH is located right off the road and is completely snow free. It’s easy to miss, look for a green sign pointing to Lizard Head Peak.
Posted By: BillMiddlebrook
Info: Like most winters, the entire trailhead is not plowed but there’s room for at least 20 vehicles.
Posted By: globreal
Info: The parking lot off of Hwy 145 is total snow free and the trail to the Cross Mnt/Lizard Head Peak saddle is clear enough of snow that snow shoes are not needed. You will want snow shoes in Bilk Basin if going for Gladstone or Wilson Peak.
Posted By: Dad Mike
Info: There is now a ski track from the Cross Mountain TH to around 11,000 in Slate Creek. But it ends right above a pretty significant slide. Beware if you are heading back to this area soon.

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