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Navajo Lake Trailhead

Posted By: shapovalovm
Info: The road is 7 miles, some sections have small rocks, others are dirt, but in both cases the road is smooth and easy.

Was there on a weekend and there was plenty of parking at the TH + there’s extra parking a couple hundred yards away at the last turn.
Posted By: Resident_Finesse
Info: Been a couple years since the last status so figured I’d throw in an update. Solid 2WD road to the trailhead. Google maps will put you right where you need to be. Saw a Camry and a Tesla in the parking area. Nice trail up to Navajo Lake - obvious and signed the whole way. Lake is perfect this time of year.
Posted By: E_A_Marcus_949
Info: Clear and easy drive all the way to the trailhead. First 1-1.5mi is the worst on the road but still easily doable. Plenty of parking at the trailhead.
Posted By: lkk8815
Info: Clear and dry to the TH
Posted By: Unknown
Info: Rough 2WD. Kilpacker > Navajo has minor washboard. Mosquitos are out in force, very few good water streams until you get near the lake. (On trail) if you bushwhack you have a better chance
Posted By: jmcguire1969
Info: All clear, no issues.
Posted By: addrock528
Info: The road from the CO145 was being worked on, but it could still be gotten past. Road is nice and drivable by any passenger car.
Posted By: susanjoypaul
Info: The trail is dry all the way to Navajo Lake.
Posted By: 14er Climber
Info: The trail is clear all the way to Navajo lakes, with no snow on the trail. The trail upto Wilson peak ad snow in several places requiring an ice axe for safety. We did not need crampons on the route. The upper part was clear of snow making the final limb snow free. Mount Wilson we went up the North buttress and we followed the cairns straight up without encountering any snow that required the use of an ice axe. at the summit ridge it was clear and we started across but were turned around at 13,800 by lightening. With the amount of snow melting the routes should be clear within the next 2 weeks.
Posted By: SarahT
Info: In winter the road to Dunton from the southwest is plowed (leave the highway just west of the small town of Stoner). From this winter TH its 2.7 miles of well tracked snowmobile road to get to the summer Navajo Lake TH.
Posted By: Nelson
Info: I drove to the trailhead yesterday and left my car there while I camped at Navajo Lake and climbed El diente. The road (535) is bone dry the whole way and in great shape. It is easily drivable for 2wd vehicles. When I got back today there were 4 vehicles in the lot.
Posted By: Pappy
Info: Road to Navajo Lake Trailhead in great shape. Trail to Navajo Lake and basin free of snow.
Posted By: tmathews
Info: BLM office said you can access the trailhead by vehicle, but significant snow remains about a mile into the trail.
Posted By: CO Native
Info: This trailhead is by no means 4wd. My first time there was in a VW Jetta and the second in a Honda Civic. No problems either time. Didn‘t even have to drive all that slow.
Posted By: PKR
Info: Road is clear to trailhead.
Posted By: cotajames
Info: Dry and 2WD.
Posted By: KenE
Info: The road is clear from the NE except for one small patch of snow about 12 inches high. We were able to cross easily in a front drive sedan.
Posted By: ColoradoScott
Info: We drove to Navajo Lake TH from the eastern approach off of CO145 just south of Lizard Head Pass on Friday July 8. The road is narrow and steep in sections, but is well-graded and easily passable by any vehicle to the TH.
Posted By: rthompson
Info: Navajo Lake trailhead can now be reached IF you approach from the south (thru Dunton). If approaching from the east, the road is closed 1.3 miles short of the trailhead due to a rockslide.
Posted By: daveartusi
Info: On 5/29 there was a sign at the start of the road to Navajo stating that the road was closed at about the 8 mile point. This would have been ok since the TH for Navajo is at around 7.2 mi according to Roach. Unfortunately, the road is blocked at about 2 miles or so by a huge snow pile.

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