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Culebra (Main) Trailhead

Posted By: CRCrux
Info: Trail was steep, but easy with 4 wheel drive. We have a truck camper that is 8.5’ tall. On the section from 4-way to the 4wd trail head there low branches that we couldn’t avoid. Broke a few branches on the top of the camper but no damage.
Posted By: IsaacD
Info: Made it to the top in my stock Mazda CX-5 with no issues. Road is generally in good condition, the toughest part is getting into the parking lot at the end.
Posted By: sehessler92
Info: Got my crosstrek up to the 4WD TH. There are some deep ruts in the middle of the road right shortly after the HQ then a couple steep sections but nothing I was super concerned about. The 4WD TH parking lot has some larger rocks and is a bit more rough but manageable
Posted By: ZooDude
Info: Went up in my stock Chevy Colorado 4x4. Honestly the steepness is the only real challenge. and the parking lot itself is pretty bumpy with some big ole rocks so maneuvering to get in and out takes some caution. But overall, no issues and I would consider this a easy to moderate class 3.
Posted By: mtgoatmike
Info: Road to the 4wd trailhead is completely dry, the 4-way trailhead is also dry. Road was steep/loose in some sections and 4x4 made it easier to climb. Saw plenty of Subarus make it up to the 4wd trailhead.
Posted By: eskermo
Info: Road still quite rutted but dry and Subaruable to the upper TH. A Mazda crossover SUV also made it. The steep rocky exit from the TH was a little more dicey in the PM as someone parked a vehicle on the smoothest line down the hill.
Posted By: PJ88
Info: The lower part of the road is very washed out with lots of ruts. I imagine this is due to all of the recent rains and will improve throughout the summer.
Posted By: jjjeffries32
Info: Any idea if the snow is gone and the upper trailhead is accessible?
Posted By: buddapilot
Info: Due to snow on the road, the closest I got today was two and a half miles short of the official trailhead.
Posted By: Marmot96
Info: Clear and dry. Echoing others, the road is steep but not very rocky or technical. Drove a ’22 Mazda CX-5 with 7.5" of clearance and was just fine. The parking lot has a steep entrance and is fairly rocky, not sure I would park there if there was a potential for rain since I don’t think many vehicles with street tires would be able to climb the hill out.
Posted By: supranihilest
Info: Nothing overly technical, just steep and bumpy. You’ll definitely want some moderate clearance, but there was an Outback at the upper trailhead so beefier vehicles won’t have any problems. The road would probably suck if it was wet.
Posted By: soundchaser2112
Info: Open and dry all the way to 4WD trailhead
Posted By: ellenmseb
Info: Open to 4way.
Posted By: alohamischa
Info: Echoing the last update, the road is in pretty good shape until the actual trailhead. Little rough at times, and definitely quite steep, but most cars with decent clearance should be able to make it up the trailhead. The last 100 yards coming down into the trailhead, and the trailhead area itself, are really rough and have big rocks sticking out all over. Road is completely dry all the way to the trailhead though!
Posted By: Pedro F
Info: Although the TH road isn’t particularly terrible (a bit steep at times, but generally fairly smooth), the parking area at the very end is kinda rowdy. A guy in a Honda CRV made it up the road OK, but got stuck in the parking area and a group of us had to push him out. Seemed like the continuously variable transmission in those things wasn’t dealing well with the rough terrain in the parking area, particularly when he was trying to go in reverse and get over a rock. The engine was revving, he wasn’t even spinning his wheels, it was simply not moving anywhere. If you have a CRV or vehicle with similar capabilities, you may want to consider parking at one of the few spots off to the side at the end of the TH road, before the descent into the parking area...or parking at four-way.
Posted By: RckyMntnHgh
Info: Upper trailhead parking is open. Very muddy road this morning from gate to headquarters after heavy rain but dried out for exit.
Posted By: Ssgustafson
Info: The ranch has opened up the 4WD road to "4-Way," which is an easy 1 mile hike to the 4WD TH. There are a few snowdrifts on the road close to the 4WD TH that will probably be gone in a week or two.
Posted By: street taco
Info: The ranch is allowing climbers to drive 2 miles up the road from HQ. It is likely at least a month or maybe 2 until the road clears to the Four Way and Upper Trailhead.
Posted By: SnowAlien
Info: Still had to park at Headquarters. Snow starts about ~0.25 miles from HQ, bit it’s pretty thin and melting fast in the first mile. Snow is deeper above 10k. After 4-way it’s getting thinner also (south facing road)
Posted By: E_A_Marcus_949
Info: No snow. Easy to get to the CVR office building then to Four Way. It’s steep after that, though. The road itself is in decent shape for a rocky dirt road, but it gains a bit of elevation. If you can make it to Four Way you can make it to the upper TH. Like all 4WD roads, pick your line in certain areas and make sure to watch your speed up/down. My Forester made it all the way just fine - there was another Forester, 4Runners, Trucks, XTerra, Highlander.
Posted By: Zambo
Info: Road is now completely clear and snow free all the way to the upper trail head.
Posted By: ClimberSkierDave64
Info: Was able to drive all the way to the upper trailhead. The road was completely clear except for a few snow drifts we had to blast through before the upper trailhead but now that multiple vehicles have driven through it has become a lot easier.
Posted By: bully7
Info: Staff took us to a parking spot approx 2 miles below the Four Way. No snowshoes/traction required.
Posted By: Ryan1979
Info: I got lost using the Google maps link from the 14ers.com app. Never had a problem with it before and it may have been a Google issue. I ended up at a locked gate just outside San Francisco, CO. The trail head directions are spot on though and will get you to the ranch if you follow them from the Conoco in San Luis.
Posted By: Ptglhs
Info: Road is driveable to 4wd TH. Any decent clearance AWD should make it imo. I was in a Jeep and had no issues.

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