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Longs Peak Trailhead

Posted By: Ryan987
Info: Plenty of Longs condition reports but I want to add that I arrived today at 1:45 AM and the lot was around 80 percent full.
Posted By: Carl_Healy
Info: Plowed and no ice or snow patches large enough to be of consequence.
Posted By: madmattd
Info: Got a spot just across from the trailhead sign at 2:45am. Lot was fairly full but still at least a dozen spots left at 3am. It did fill at some point as there were a couple dozen cars parked along the road in the mid afternoon, due to several "no parking" zones, most were ~1/4mi down the road.
Posted By: merrion13
Info: Park service has not finished plowing the lot from last weekend’s storm. Room for about 7 cars in the main lot, and a few more parked on the side just near the lot. There are snowbanks on the sides of the road otherwise, so parking definitely limited until more thawing which based on today was happening quickly.
Posted By: Hiker Mike
Info: Wi-Fi is still working.
Posted By: Unknown
Info: A few downed trees, nothing needed for the split approach. Ill start posting updates in calender winter again. Useless until then
Posted By: sky_high
Info: Reiterating prior report. Road is open. Rangers are issuing warnings for those in ’no parking’ zones. Lot was full by 3am, by 4 had to park 1/2 mile away along roadside. If you get there by 5 or later good luck, expect to park well away or wait for hours for people who are leaving. No reservation/pass needed if parked before 6am: Rangers may check cars in the lot for parking time but didn’t along the roadside. Campground is closed indefinitely.
Posted By: mtgoatmike
Info: Road is clear all the way to the parking lot. Lots of parking available, if you arrive early enough...if not, you will have to park down the road, downhill. All bathrooms were open and very clean.
Posted By: ellenmseb
Info: on a Monday with a good weather forecast: mostly empty at 2am, completely full at 4am. Not sure if you could hike if arriving after 4am on a weekday.
Posted By: jscully205
Info: Open and ready to be gangbanged by everyone. Get there before 6 and avoid the need for permit. Write time of arrival down and place on dashboard. Info confirmed by Park Ranger at TH. In summary, alpine start equals sendage.
Posted By: Burtonblend
Info: great trail conditions for late august and full sun all day. spent the night in the boulder field with low winds. summit was ideal conditions in the morning with small amount of wind at keyhole, but calm after a few feet on the narrows and for the remainder of the climb.
Posted By: chuckstriker
Info: Saturday night trailhead parking lot was half full before our Sunday hike leaving early a.m.
Posted By: jhalee4
Info: Got to the parking lot at 1:15am Saturday morning and the lot was already 100% full. I parked on the road right outside the lot.
Posted By: ksroqclimber
Info: There is no cost to park here even though it is maintained by the NPS. No need for a park permit. Hadn’t seen anyone mention this info previously.
Posted By: daway8
Info: Parking is totally free of snow and easily accessible to anyone.
Posted By: bond22
Info: Dry Dry Dry
Posted By: WillRobnett
Info: 3 to 4 inches fresh and unplowed starting at the turn off for the ranger’s station on Peak-to-Peak hwy 7.
Posted By: kayleenann8
Info: Clear and dry to TH. We arrived to a very full parking lot at 2 am on a Sunday. My guess is that its totally full by 3 am.
Posted By: Michael Underwood
Info: This is always one of the most accessible trailheads in the winter, but for those of you with 2WD and no snow tires, be careful going up the paved road to the parking lot - it‘s pretty snowy currently, and you can definitely slip around a bit as you negotiate the turns. I saw an SUV in the ditch and some skid marks in the snow, indicating another car that had run into a bank of plowed snow beside the road. Also, the parking area can get a bit cramped at the moment since not all of it has been plowed, restricting the official parking area to the first few spaces.
Posted By: Tyler Phillips
Info: Longs Peak Road and Trailhead had been reopened.
Posted By: Eagle Eye
Info: Longs Peak TH closed

On 9/22/2013 I found a barricade on the road closure leading to the trailhead/parking lot.
Posted By: richwill
Info: Road is plowed and dry to ranger station. Parking area is plowed and accessable to any vehicle.
Posted By: richwill
Info: Longs Peak Road plowed & mostly clean all the way to rangers station. Accessable in any vehicle with decent tires.
Posted By: mountainmicah83
Info: Ranger‘s Station parking lot was dry as were the roads leading to it.
Posted By: Dancesatmoonrise
Info: Plowed roads to plowed parking at the ranger station (TH.) We had the place to ourselves; parking was no issue. The trail was hard packed most of the way. We wore snowshoes but the track is firm, with the exception of some of the brush in the 11‘s. The boulderfield is dry. The approach to Cables has considerably more snow than we‘d seen in prior winter trip reports. The first eyebolt is under about four feet of snow.

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