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Manitou Springs Trailhead

Posted By: Marcos
Info: Here’s the latest on parking at the Barr Trailhead:

- At least this time of year, this lot is the only place for overnight parking in Manitou
- This lot is specifically for Barr Trail users
- Don’t worry if the lot is full when you arrive -- turnover is rapid
- The cost is currently $30 for each 24-hour period
- You can pay either on the machine in the lot and get a printed ticket, or via an smartphone app advertised on the machine with no ticket printing. We were wary of the ticket-free app, but it worked fine.

Barr Camp has an arrangement with the Manitou Springs Parking Department which brings the cost down to $10 per 24-hour period. If you stay at Barr Camp, here is how to get your parking rate reduced:
- Request a voucher from the caretakers
- Print out your reservation request and receipts from Barr Camp
- Mail everything to:

Parking Department
606 Manitou Ave.
Manitou Springs, CO 80829
Posted By: sumansirivella
Info: The trailhead is the same and has a free shuttle (Route 33) from Manitou Springs corner of Manitou Ave and Old Man’s Trail. This shuttle drops you at the Cog Rail Station and is a minute’s walk from the trailhead.
Posted By: RWSchaffer
Info: The Barr Trail parking lot is now first come, first serve. Posted signs all say $20.00, but the parking kiosk put a $25.00 charge on my card for 24 hours from time of purchase.
Posted By: HikesInGeologicTime
Info: More as a general word of warning, since today’s higher temps might’ve taken care of the problem: The final turn-off up to the Barr Trailhead lot (Hydro Street off Ruxton Ave.) was not plowed when we tried to get up it at 7 a.m. The road was so slick that several cars - mine included - only made it about 20’ up the hill before sliding backwards with the back tires only stopping (barely) back on Ruxton. Getting back down Ruxton Ave. was also a challenge due to the combined slickness and steepness; some went the wrong way down the one-way Winter Rd. at least to a shallower turn in order to avoid a dangerous slide-out.

We had to park in town at the shuttle lot...where we did not see a shuttle the entire time we were in town before and after hiking. Unclear as to whether there are special holiday hours that aren’t posted on the websites for either Manitou or Colorado Springs (https://manitousprings.org/manitou-free-shuttle/ , https://transit.coloradosprings.gov/sites/default/files/rt33_36manitoushuttle_web.pdf) or shuttles weren’t running due to the slick/snowpacked roads.
Posted By: MtSherman2015
Info: FYI--Barr Trail at the Barr TH (and the Incline) are closed until further notice due to a 1 acre wildfire near lower Barr trail that occurred late Thursday afternoon. It would be reasonable to expect both to re-open within a few days, but check ahead before arriving.
Posted By: BenV+P
Info: After Action Report AAR for areas ’Melodrama’ and Barr Trail parking, Manitou Springs. Parking was plentiful and not an issue arriving at 0700 that morning. i parked at Melodrama, $10, from 07-2000PM. ’Rocky Mountain Ride’ brought me back to the lot, from the top of Pikes Peak for $60. Be advised the Manitou/Ruxton Ave circle West is closed for construction, requiring a complete detour out on the highway to get to the other side of town.
Posted By: Teresa Gergen
Info: Parking in the Barr Trail lot is now by online, advance reservation only, $20 from midnight to midnight, payable here: https://denverparking.spplus.com/city-of-manitou-springs.html. I can’t figure out how this can possibly work, since when you show up, you are not unlikely to find a car parked in your space that did not have a reservation and that has a ticket on the windshield. Parking in the Incline lot is $10 for 4 hours, payable by credit card only at the gate. There is a parking attendant, and if you pull a pack and poles out of your car and look like a hiker instead of a runner, you are likely to get accused of parking in the wrong lot to access the Barr Trail instead of the Incline, and told that after 4 hours your car will be towed.
Posted By: camocreation
Info: Barr T.H. parking lot easily accessible in any vehicle. About 30 spots that tend to fill up quickly. $10 parking fee for entire day paid by credit/debit card only at self-pay station.
Posted By: scholbiwan
Info: In addition to the parking lot having a fee, the streets along Ruxton Ave. all have parking fees associated with it. If I interpreted everything correctly, you have to pay to park along the few blocks near the cog railway. Further down, there are more restrictions: Residential permit required M-F 8 PM - 4 AM, and at all times on the weekend, otherwise you have to pay to park.

To accommodate all of these restrictions, Manitou Springs has started a free shuttle service that goes between the cog railway and downtown. I did not use it so I am not entirely sure on the details, but you can find out more here: http://www.springsgov.com/Page.aspx?NavID=4838
Posted By: ezabielski
Info: This parking lot now costs $5 per 24 hours. I was there at 3AM on a perfect Saturday and there were only 3 or 4 cars. By the time I got back at 3PM the lot was packed, as well as the streets leading up to it.
Posted By: sjhiker
Info: There are only a few thin patches of snow up near the Golden Stairs. Slick ice in the morning - trekking poles helpful on the trail, but it‘s all easily skirted.
Posted By: nomadelmundo
Info: I hiked up Pike in September, and 12 hours later after coming down found a ticket for $15. So pay at the little meter at the beginning of the Barr‘s TH to save some money. It sucks I know.
Posted By: TravelingMatt
Info: Theresa at the Barr Camp said she believes Manitou Springs will start charging to park in this lot "sometime this week". Fee will apparently be $5/day if parking for more than 3 hours. Still free (no kiosks installed yet) as of today. No word on whether this would extend to parking on the street down Ruxton. If you are arriving at midday to spend the night at Barr Camp it is possible to find a spot in the lot if you are patient and persistent.
Posted By: Toni Marie
Info: Despite the recent snow on Pike‘s, the trailhead is bone dry and packed with cars by 6am.
Posted By: redwingsarebad
Info: This weekend (8/21 + 8/22) the Barr Trail hosts the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon. The trails will be packed with people, and parking will be next to impossible. Manitou Ave will be closed at about 5am on both days, reopening around 8a (I‘m guessing) after the runners leave.
Posted By: Toni Marie
Info: All is clear at the trailhead, and the snow is melting rapidly from Pike‘s Peak, despite the recent weather.
Posted By: Tripper
Info: Minitou Springs has closed the TH parking lot and approach road for utility work. Closure expected to last most of week.

(Courtesy of tmathews - http://www.14ers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=23965&p=287830&hilit=Barr#p287773)
Posted By: gerrys
Info: Ascent & Marathon will be run on Aug 15th & 16th. Unless you want to be run over by 1600+ runners, hikers are strongly encouraged to pick another day.
Posted By: womanhiker
Info: Barr Trail TH will be closed all day on Wednesday, June 10th for maintenance work.
Posted By: CO Native
Info: The Barr Trailhead parking lot will soon cost $5 per day to use. The city will be installing a self service pay station early this summer.
Posted By: Aubrey
Info: Parking was hell. Beyond that, the trail was bone dry all the way to the Bottomless Pit junction. From there, there were snow patches off and on to treeline. Above treeline, it was snowy/slushy.
Posted By: rangerdrew
Info: The trail is pretty clear up to about mile 2.5/3. From there its super wet and slushy from the recent snowfall.
Posted By: thebeave7
Info: Only the standard parking issues at the trail head, no snow/ice left below treeline on the Barr Trail. Two 100ft drifts at 13K, then some patchy snow above 13500ft, though all patches are well tread and easily passable.
Posted By: Gueza
Info: Very crowded get there as early as you can. No ice or snow on the incline stairs. Pikes has some pretty big drifts before treeline. Snowshoes are optional but highly recomended. Did not use crampons on the east face. Completly doable.
Posted By: lifecolorado
Info: Can we now hike to Barr Camp?

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