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Conundrum Creek Trailhead

Posted By: supranihilest
Info: Dry to trailhead. Parking for something like 20 vehicles. Don’t bring a trailer here, it would be impossible to turn around.
Posted By: addrock528
Info: Just posting b/c nothing has been since 2008... The road becomes dirt at the turn off Castle Creek Rd. It is in excellent condition. Any passenger vehicle can make it.
Posted By: SarahT
Info: Conundrum Creek is raging and has swept away ALL of the bridges at the MANY creek crossings. The water level varies grealy throughout the day and from day to day. Be ready to turn around, wade in water up to your hips, and camp an extra night if the creek swells to much while you‘re up there. Crossings were anything from wading with a hand line to balancing across sketchy logs, to finding snow bridges. Be prepared to get wet!
Posted By: kanert
Info: Totally clear as of yesterday

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