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 Trailhead:  Silver Creek
 Posted By:  dennywitte
 Date of Info:  3/1/2020
 Date Posted:  3/1/2020
Status Update
The North Cottonwood Road (CR365/FS365) is closed by a barricade 1/10 mile east of the national forest boundary. The last mile before the closure on CR365 has lots of ice/snow and is suitable only for 4wd vehicles with good ground clearance. From this closure you have 1.25 miles to the CT junction going north to Harvard Lakes, 1.5 miles to the Silver Creek TH and 3 miles to the North Cottonwood TH.


Comments or Questions
still closed
03/17/2020 21:21
The barricade is still in place as of 3/17. The condition of CR365 is slowly improving. A skillful 2wd driver can probably make it through the mud and ice to get to the barricade.

still closed 3/31
03/31/2020 17:11
The barricade is still there as of 3/31. CR365 is mostly dry with a few snowy/icy/muddy spots in shaded areas.

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