Peak:  Mt. Shavano
 Route:  East Slopes
 Range:  Sawatch
 Posted By:  Omatt89
 Date of Info:  5/16/2023
 Date Posted:  5/16/2023

Made it to shavano tab th or blanks cabin th after a very bumpy and rocky approach on 250. Road is clear. Takes 45mins to an hour from 140. Skied the angel today straight off the summit of shavano , towards the smaller peak on skiers left side. Rode to the bottom of the drainage in front of the angel right at treeline. Snow and Snow piles continue down for about a half a mile.
40 percent chance of snow today turned out to be on the surrounding peaks, but didn't form until afternoon and shavano was sunny. Ridge to tab is very snowy and alot longer looking than I thought

Snow in the woods starts around 10900? A quarter mile form the sharp left turn you make to head up towards the angel alongside a stream. At 8am it was walkable in boots up to the bottom of the angel where I put snowshoes on. The snow in the woods is pretty easy to navigate following the trench.

Snow for .5miles before treeline is pretty thick, I suspect it will be that way for another 2 weeks. The line I took straight off the summit is getting thin in just a couple spots but I suspect that will be in for another 5 days or so then you might just have to cross over some rocky sections. All in all, had a great but very hard day, got to ride some fun snow for atleast a mile and 2500 vertical atleast

#1#2#3) Line off the summit#4#5#6#7#8#9) On the way out, at one switchback you can see the line from the summit perfectly

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