Peak:  Pikes Peak (14er)
 Route:  East Slope
 Range:  Front
 Posted By:  kman
 Date of Info:  02/25/2012
 Date Posted:  02/26/2012

Climbed up and down via Barr Trail (and part way up the gully during the ascent). From about a 1/2 mile above the parking lot, to three miles up, traction devices very helpful. The freeze/thaw cycle has created some very icy sections along this part. From three miles up & all the way to Barr Camp, traction devices definitely recommended. From Barr Camp to treeline, more snow (boot packed) than ice, and the snow was balling up under my microspikes so I removed them. I carried but did not use my snowshoes. Above treeline to the summit is windblown with some parts of the trail having little to no snow and other lengthy parts completely snow filled. Traction devices highly recommended in these snow filled parts due to the very consolidated, wind-crusted snow. The weather forecast called for 55-65 mph gusts, and it did not disappoint! Also, met 14er member Roger (Incline Fanatic) near the Cirque, during his descent from the summit & he may post a more detailed trip report. Picture #1 shows trail conditions (during sunrise!) about two miles above the parking lot. Picture #2 shows very hard snow sloping down across the trail just below the summit. A fall here would be nasty. Picture #3 shows a summit photo of me captured from the Summit House webcam by my brother (who was too sick to join me), from the luxury of his living room! Picture #4 shows some of the deeper snow on the trail just below treeline during the descent.

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 Comments or Questions

02/26/2012 19:36
That's funny. I hope you didn't ask Sean to wait around all day for that!
So Larry, you must be a 2x gridder by now on Pikes!

Incline Fanatic

Good day on Pikes
02/27/2012 01:41
Good to meet you Larry. If I'd known you were doing Pikes yesterday, I would have waited for you. Going solo is fun, but risky. Definately right about the wind, a bit interesting on the large rocks of the 16 golden stairs. Hold tight, stay low, wait for a lul, then move.


cool webcam!
02/27/2012 16:29
@Darin - Yeah, that is pretty funny about the webcam shot! Sean was suffering from a nasty cold, so he didn't have anything else to do anyway! Luckily my text messages were able to go thru to him to let him know I was close to the summit so he could watch for me!!! Yes, I guess I could be considered a 2x gridder on Pikes! Thanks!

@Incline Fanatic - Great to meet you too! We'll definitely have to hit the Peak together sometime! Not too many people want to do the whole 26 miles in a day! The wind was definitely NO joke! Stick & move, stick & move, as they say in the military!!

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