Peak:  Huron Peak (14er)
 Route:  standard
 Range:  Sawatch
 Posted By:  FireOnTheMountain
 Date of Info:  02/04/2012
 Date Posted:  02/06/2012

DannyG23 and I put in a trench on Huron this weekend so go get it while the pickings are good!! I was able to drive my Toyota Tacoma with bald tires to within 1.75 miles of the Winfield turnoff.

Avy danger is pretty minimal on the standard route but we definetly heard our share of whoomfs. I swear to you people, we whoomfed on the valley floor and caused an avy about 400 vert above us...craziest thing I have ever seen!!

I know it sounds really contradictory that I said avy danger is minimal but it really is, it was just a freak occurance. The picture you see of the avy is literally where we were standing when we triggered it.

Photos (click for slideshow):
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 Comments or Questions

Sweet Pic!
02/07/2012 04:41
That's a sweet ridge pic! Crazy to hear about that avy. Huron has been my favorite Sawatch Peak so far. 8)

I Man

I see you didn't do Silverheels
06/20/2012 13:38
That's alright though, I still got Columbia


What Geojed Said
02/07/2012 17:52
Sweet ridge pic!!!


02/07/2012 19:52
Between the ridge pic and the action shot of an avalanche that photographer has some talent!

Also, I recall that several false trenches were made to deter would be trench poachers and that efferts are being made to moniter trench use...


02/07/2012 23:20
Dude I know I have been stealing your pics but I can't get mine off my camera because it's on the camera's harddrive (didn't have an SD card in). I wasn't trying to take credit for them so I didn't really think it mattered


bummer dude
02/08/2012 01:04
I'll send you mine over picassa eventually (Lincoln too).

Use them for whatever you want bro - I don't mind.

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