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Grays Peak - Highest Peak on the Continental Divide

Grays Peak and it's companion Torreys Peak sit on the Continental Divide, 40 miles west of Denver. In fact, Grays is the highest point on the entire Divide. This pair of peaks can be seen towering over Lake Dillon, in Summit County. If you drive the paved road to the top of 14er Mt. Evans, Grays and Torreys can be seen to the west/northwest. Grays and Torreys were named in 1872 during a ceremony on the summit of Grays Peak, conducted by botanist Charles C. Parry, in honor of two of America's most famous botanists, Asa Gray and John Torrey.

Grays Peak is one of the easiest 14er climbs in Colorado. It has a trail to the summit and is visited by thousands of climbers each year. If you climb Grays, try to do so on a weekday so you'll be able to find a parking spot at the Grays Peak Trailhead. The standard route follows the Grays Peak trail all the way to the summit and if you want to add on Torreys Peak, you'll add a couple more hours to your outing. We consider these starter peaks because they have well-established trails to the summit so it would be difficult to get off-route.
  360° Panorama from the summit of Grays Peak.
360 Pano

Grays and Torreys seen from 13er Kelso Mountain.
pic1 pic2
Grays from 13er Ruby Mountain, looking north.
Torreys and Grays from 13er Santa Fe Peak.
Grays, Torreys and 13er Mt. Edwards from 13er Mt. Wilcox.
Grays and Torreys from Stevens Gulch.
Grays seen from Horseshoe Basin
Grays and Torreys seen from 13er Mt. Edwards.
Grays seen from Stevens Gulch.
Torreys and Grays seen during a climb of 13er Grizzly Peak.
Grays and Torreys seen from Stevens Gulch.
Early light on Grays and Torreys, seen from Stevens Gulch.
Grays and Torreys from the summit of Mt. Bierstadt.
pic13 pic14 pic15
Torreys from the Bakerville exit on I-70.
pic16 pic17 pic18
Grays (left) and Torreys behind the The Sawtooth - taken from Mt. Blue Sky.
Grays and Torreys seen from Mt. Parnasus.
pic20 pic21 pic22
Grays and Torreys seen during a hike to the Grays summit.
pic23 pic24 pic25

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