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Blanca Peak - 14,350 Feet

Blanca is the 4th highest peak in Colorado and towers over the San Luis Valley, in the southern, central portion of the state. This massive "valley" covers 8,000 square miles, with the Sangre de Cristo Mountains (Sangres) to the east and the San Juan Mountains to the west. If you visit Alamosa or Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve, it doesn't matter which part of the state you drive from because once you reach the San Luis Valley, you'll be able to see the might Blanca Peak.

Climbing Blanca is no small feat. While the standard route has a trail almost all the way to the top, it still requires over 6,000 feet of elevation gain because the trailhead is quite low. Blanca is not a 14er you start out with — there are over 30 easier Colorado 14ers. When you do get to Blanca, be sure to include Blanca's little brother, Ellingwood Point but be careful of the dangerous Little Bear Peak.
  360° Panorama from the summit of Blanca Peak.
360 Pano

Blanca, Ellingwood and Little Bear from Unnamed Point 13,577'
Ellingwood, Blanca and Lindsey from Little Bear Peak.
pic2 pic3
The Blanca Group from US 160, east of Alamosa.
Lindsey, Blanca and Little Bear from Ellingwood Point.
Blanca Peak seen from Ellingwood Point.
During a hike to the Blanca summit.
pic7 pic8 pic9 pic10 pic11 pic12
Ellingwood and Blanca from Little Bear Peak.
pic13 pic14 pic15
Blanca and Ellingwood seen from Mt. Lindsey.
Blanca and Ellingwood seen during a hike of Mt. Lindsey.
pic17 pic18 pic19 pic20 pic21 pic22 pic23 pic24 pic25 pic26 pic27
Mt. Lindsey (left), Blanca Peak and Little Bear (right), seen from Ellingwood Point.
The Blanca Group taken seen from the west.
A close-up of Ellingwood, Blanca and Little Bear from the same area.
Blanca from the south.
pic31 pic32 pic33
Ellingwood, Blanca and Little Bear from the west.
pic34 pic35

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