Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by JoeyJ »

Just now reading this... very saddening. Having only met Jim briefly in Kilpacker, it was easy to tell he was one of a kind. He seemed like such an adventurous spirit, full of life and energy. If I had to pick a fave TR of Jim’s- it would be “El Diente: For Whom do you Climb?” Just re-read that trip report as well, and had forgotten he was kind enough to mention meeting new folks in his writings. Thinking of Jim and reading his ED report still leaves me with a poignant and sobering reminder of how brief and fragile this life can be.
~ Rock on Jim- He is still calling the shots.
Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. -Abe Lincoln
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by Andymcp1 »

I had the opportunity to meet Jim a few times on mountains, and spoke to him many times about gear, prepping for winter 14ers, and climbing. I knew very little about Jim and he was practically a stranger, but he would go out of his way to give me advice, and share his expertise with me. He seemed like a great guy with a servants heart. My best wishes and condolences go out to his family and friends.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by Egogo »

So sad, sad, sad...

Jim said
"Let's do vertical dancing, I love to watch the sunset
after I am exhausted from climbing all day long"

Good bye my friend.
I will miss you so much....

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Kent McLemore
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by Kent McLemore »

A friend and I spent a week in Noname Basin in 2012 where we ran into two people in 7 days: Steve Gladbach and Jim DiNapoli. They had just climbed Sunlight Spire, hiked over Twin Thumbs Pass and were aiming for Gray Needle. Challenging technical climbs in the midst of a remote, rugged and sublimely beautiful landscape. We felt privileged to have met them in that amazing setting.

19 months later... both gone. So sad.

Rest in Peace, Jim

Cherish every day, friends.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by Tornadoman »

I never met Jim, but like many others enjoyed his beautifully written and photographed trip reports. I had noticed that he didn't seem to be active this Winter, but never dreamed that it was due to his illness. Rest in peace.

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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by benners »

Like many others on here I didn't even realize Jim was battling an illness, though I did notice his absence. The first time I met Jim was on a winter hike of La Plata. We spent the entire day together and what stood out to me the most was his obvious love of being in the mountains and his willingness to give that back to the community. Though we didn't get out a ton after that day, I continued to follow his winter 14er progress and always admired his trip reports and knack for photography. It's great to know he enjoyed the heck out of his mountains prior to his passing.

Climb on Jim!
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by doggler »

RIP Jim. You earned yourself some amazing deathbed memories - you no doubt spent your last days in those special places.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by globreal »

Does Jim have any family that could chime in on this? I lost my mother to this nasty cancer in October and have been donating here:" onclick=";return false;
Unfortunately, Jim doesn't have any family other than one estranged brother who lives in Tucson. After learning about his illness with cancer, Jim attempted to reconnect with him. He talked to his brothers wife and he asked her to have him call. Jim never heard from his brother to be able to tell him he was dying and wanted to make amends.

I was quite proud of Jim humbling himself and making the attempt to reconnect with his only surviving family.

As it turn out…many of us here on com and the RCCOS Meetup group (rock climbing) we was quite heavily involved with, were his family.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by Zambo »

Very sad to hear about this. Like many here, I didn't know about Jim's illness, and I only climbed with him once. Nevertheless, his strength, endurance, and passion for the mountains was certainly evident, as so many on this thread can attest to. His TRs were one of a kind and those will certainly be missed as well.

Life is certainly a precious thing. Here's even one more reason to cherish each and every moment in the hills!

"Human beings climb at their peril. Some might think that by climbing a great mountain they have somehow conquered it, but we can be only visitors here."
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by uwe »

Rest in peace, Dancesatmoonrise. My prayer goes out to your family and friends.
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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by d_baker »

I heard about Jim's illness back in December, and I was floored. It was just before winter, and of course a time when Jim would be the most active on the site. It was a strange winter without seeing posts by him.

Yes, Jim and I didn't have a strong friendship, but I still can't fault a guy for his love of the mountains and for the desire to share those moments, both with friends and strangers alike. I'll always remember, and respect, the times Jim called me personally to tell me I'm an ass for my unnecessary slander. :)
But our silly grievances with one another was known by the both of us, because we were open about it to each other, much like Susan has mentioned in her post a few pages back.

I read Stewart's blog post on Jim a while back, and I could relate to what Stewart wrote. But I didn't take it upon myself to reach out to Jim -- I just didn't know what to say to him. I felt bad for him. Given our past, I wasn't sure he would want to hear from me anyway.
He didn't deserve to die this way, this soon.

Climb on Jim, sucks that you didn't get in one more winter summit.
Peace, brother. You're another climber I won't forget.

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Re: Dancesatmoonrise has passed away

Post by Laujan14 »

Beachrodney wrote:RIP Jim

Cancer sucks and if there is a chance to donate to a charity in Jim's name, count me in.
Does Jim have any family that could chime in on this? I lost my mother to this nasty cancer in October and have been donating here:" onclick=";return false;[/quote]

I did get Jim in touch with PCAN but after consideration he decided to try the clinical trial chemo in Denver instead. I kept in touch with the folks at PCAN - even though they weren't treating him, they wanted to know how he was doing and if there was anything they could offer to him. Very nice organization - I would encourage you to continue to donate to them. As a cancer survivor myself - thank you!

"Wherever you go.... there you are"
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