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Grays Peak  
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2012-04-21  East Slopes  used my Jeep to reach summer TH. 50% dry but the 50% not was rutty snow, very slippery. 2wd with high clearance could probably make it. It was very cold and windy above 12K. Trail was snow packed. Saw several slides off Kelso Ridge but not on DD proper. Alan Arnette   2012-04-21  0     Edit Delete 
2012-03-17  East Slopes  The road is easily walked to the main trailhead. It may take a while, but it‘s not difficult and the road has some dry areas if you don‘t want to walk on snow the whole time. In early hours, the snow will be hard frozen and traction control will be very helpful. This goes for the road and the trail all the way to the summit. A few sections of the trail are dry (and muddy with a lot of melting snow), but the vast majority is snow covered. No avalanche danger past Kelso Mountain if you stay on the trail. Be careful soon before passing by the Kelso-Torreys saddle where there is an avalanche slope that the trail crosses and it is fairly steep, but not too high up. Beware of any sliding snow in the area here - there is evidence of one accordion-like slide plainly visible. The descent down to the Grays-Torreys saddle is covered mostly in a couple inches of snow and can be easily navigated. Follow the cairns and all will be well. No snowshoes needed!  Tony1   2012-03-17  0     Edit Delete 
2012-03-10  East Slopes  Expect to walk the road. Some attempts at driving have been made. You might get 100 yards or so before you have to stop. The road is hard packed and mostly snow covered. There are a few icy and bare spots, but not many. The trail is hard packed all the way to the top; postholing was minimal for us. We left our snowshoes on our packs and then stashed them near the kelso ridge turnoff. We never regretting not using them. We used micro spikes the whole hike. There are a couple of steep and hard snow fields coming off Kelso mountain where I was glad I had traction, but they are likely passable without (but traction benefitted us). These fields are avoidable by going lower. BobbyFinn   2012-03-10  0     Edit Delete 
2012-02-19  Grays and Torreys  Grays & Torreys summit yesterday (2/20/11). Left the winter TH at 4:30 am-75 minutes up the wide packed road to the trailhead. Since we were the first party of the day we needed snowshoes to make the drift work easier, kept them on for most of the Grays Peak Trail to the base of Grays. From there it was micro-spikes the rest of the day, pretty straightforward, minimal avalanche danger up to Grays. The ridge up to Torreys had some nice cornices, pretty to look at, easy to stay off of. Coming off of Torreys we pretty much had to regain Grays summit to avoid the seemingly unstable snow field hanging under the saddle. Once we were well below the field we watched two skiers start from right below the cornices and have a blast skiing down what we had just painstakingly circumnavigated. Snow started falling nicely as soon as we were back on the Grays peak trail all the way back to the car. 14 miles RT, 4600 ft of gain, 12 hours. Great day for the Trinidad Mountaineering Club! aaronmojica   2012-02-20 3  1    Edit Delete 
2012-01-29  East Slopes  Snowshoed in to 12,000 feet near the kelso ridge trail cutoff on Friday night and camped. Saturday went up to about 13,000 on Grays before turning back from high winds. Flotation is definitely needed now up to about 12,000 or 12,500. Above that, it‘s windswept. Microspikes may be advisable but east slopes are not really very snow covered. There is definitely no longer any chance of making progress up the road in a vehicle. I tried my jeep with chains on, and probably didn‘t even make it a quarter mile before spinning. Backed down just fine, but others without chains were sliding into the ditches... don‘t bother, just plan to hike it. scottmoser   2012-02-01  0     Edit Delete 
2012-01-04  East Slopes  big thanks to sdkeil for his right on the money peak conditions report. if you are thinking about heading up there, do it! just be prepared for a really long day (took us 8 hours rt with very little time at the summit as it was too cold to hang out for long). there was one insane guy who ran up and down the peak and one couple from arkansas who parked @ i-70 and turned back a while before the summit. we didn‘t see anyone else. best time to experience what i understand is a normally very crowded peak! some notes: take very seriously the 4wd requirement to get anywhere near the trailhead. we made it to about a mile from the th, and we had 1 jeep and 1 4runner! very little snow up there, but as is reported what is snow is icy. 3 of us had microspikes and did just fine. 1 had yaktrax and he said that he thought microspikes should be the absolute minimum. after seeing him slip and fall several times i‘d have to agree. got windier up towards the summit but nothing unreasonable. and no snowshoes are needed anywhere. glad i didn‘t haul a pair up and back down with me! lafutura   2012-01-04  0     Edit Delete 
2012-01-02  East Slopes  We made it to within 1.2 miles of the summer trail head making the round trip distance about 10 miles and the elevation gain approximately 3500 feet. The entire trip is doable without snowshoes due to the lack of snow. This lack of snow made it possible to stay on the summer trail, even as it passed below the ever dicey slopes of Kelso. Be sure to reevaluate the avy conditions before staying on the summer trail and passing below Kelso Mountain. We used traction devices for the upper part of the route since most of the trail is snow that has frozen into ice. The upper part of the route is on a slope is more North facing than East and does not see much sun this time of year. Multiple groups were successful on Kelso Ridge today, hopefully they will post. sdkeil   2012-01-02 4  1 1  Edit Delete 
2011-12-30  Grays and Torreys  The trees have been cut and removed and the road is not passable to however a few people tried. From the trail head the trail has drifted snow in some places but is easily identifiable. As you get higher the snow gets harder and is drifted into the trail. However after about 12500 the trail is the only snow on the ground. The ridge to Torreys is also in good condition except were the snow has created a large drift. The 4 foot high cairns are still visible. It was windy today but next week is looking like a great time to go. have fun. 54coldones   2012-01-02  0     Edit Delete 
2011-11-22  Grays and Torreys  The road to the trailhead has several downed trees across it. The first downed tree is about 1 mile from 70. I recommend parking at the pullout before the downed tree. Be careful of very slippery road conditions when departing downhill. The trail to Grays is mostly packed snow. There are a few postholing sections but not enough to warrant snowshoes. The trails on Grays and Torreys have many sections of ice so microspikes are very useful. The descent trail from the saddle between Grays and Torreys has several sections of loose, slippery powder over very hard snow/ice with significant fall consequences. Our team all made it with just microspikes but everyone would have been happier crossing with light crampons and an ice axe. dswink   2011-11-22  0  1    Edit Delete 
2011-11-20  East Slopes  We did the whole hike in just Microspikes. The trail through the gulch at the base of Kelso was hit or miss - some areas were wind scoured, others had loose knee deep snow. I don‘t have any experience with snowshoes, so I can‘t really give an opinion on if they would have helped or not. For the most part we stuck to the Grays trail, which is still relatively easy to find so route finding was fairly straight forward. For the most part, snow on the trail was loose and not packed by wind, with some calf/knee deep sections mostly above 13,000 ft or so. StikMan   2011-11-21 3     Edit Delete 
2011-10-14  East Slopes  Patchy snow on trail from the bridge across Stevens Gulch to the bushy area. From the rocky flat area continuous snow on trail. On the ridge upto the basin snow is compacted but good boots are adequate. Beyond the junction where the trail splits ( towards Torrey ) almost icy on trail and traction is required almost all the way upto the summit. Alpinegoat   2011-10-14 2     Edit Delete 
2011-10-01  Grays and Torreys  Combo report for G&T. Traverse across Grays to saddle still has snow. Torreys from saddle to peak is clear. Saddle to summit of Grays is icy. Front/east side of Grays is still lots of snow/ice but not as slick as Grays to saddle trail. Glad I had the microspikes for traverse and both trails to/off Gray‘s summit. Was snowing lightly late morning on the descent. bf31415   2011-10-01  0     Edit Delete 
2011-09-18  East Slopes  Conditions on the peak are snowy, up to a foot of snow with a layer of ice underneath. Microspikes are recommended. The wind was blowing hard at the time, knocking people off their feet. The climb is doable, just slick. Also saw some people going up Kelso Ridge. jpfeif001   2011-09-19 3  2    Edit Delete 
2011-09-11  Grays and Torreys  Hiked Gray‘s and Torrey‘s on Sunday and the snow had been well-packed by all the hikers making it VERY slick. The descent from Gray‘s to the saddle and most of the way back down from Torrey‘s was slow going. Even a guy with Yak-Trax was slipping and sliding. ScottE22   2011-09-12  0  2    Edit Delete 
2011-09-10  East Slopes  Mount Grays was blanketed in snow when we hiked on Saturday. Both the route to the top of Grays and the route to the Saddle to do the Grays & Torreys combo required hiking a slushy, slippery path of packed snow. The snow was several inches thick on the trail, much deeper along the sides. I would recommend Yaktrax or waterproof shoes with significant traction. deeplomassy   2011-09-11  0     Edit Delete 
2011-08-27  East Slopes  Did Grays and Torreys this past Saturday and lost count of the people I saw at a few hundred (no joke). Only reason why I did that was to bring two friends on their first 14er. There is a big rut in the Stevens Gulch road that will stop passenger cars about 1.25 miles short of the true trailhead. High clearance vehicles can pass by though. Matt Lemke   2011-08-28  0     Edit Delete 
2011-08-13  East Slopes  Stevens Gulch trailhead is definitely a challenge for low clearance cars, not recommended. On our way down we saw a mile long oil spill line and a car being lifted onto a flatbed truck. Better to walk a couple of extra miles. juliaatje   2011-08-14  0     Edit Delete 
2011-07-28  East Slopes  Some water on the trail in places. The trail is generally in excellent condition. One snow passage with no issues with slope. Snow was slushy on top, solid beneath and was perhaps 50 feet across. The approach road is very rough. A low clearance 2wd car will make it (I saw civics, mazdas, made it with my accord, etc..), but it‘s going to be very hard on your suspension. One portion is bad enough that I really should have stopped before I got to it. Not used to seeing babies being changed (and diapers being left behind in grocery store bags, although I did pack it out on the descent), and 6-7 year olds on the summit wearing jeans and cotton sweatshirts as black clouds swirl about in the last minutes before noon- not on a 14er at least. Fast Jimm   2011-07-28  0  1    Edit Delete 
2011-07-18  East Slopes  Not a whole lot to update since previous post. There are few patches of snow, one area in which you may need to go around, but not a big deal. There were still a few parts of the trail with some flooding (primarily towards the beginning of the trail), but I was able to walk on the rocks to cross without hiking boots. If you try doing the same thing, take it slowly to cross and beware of loose rocks. It was somewhat crowded when my friend and I began to ascend at 7:00am. I would recommend heading up at 5am for less crowds or even earlier if you want to avoid crowds on your descent. ashlee03   2011-07-20  0     Edit Delete 
2011-07-09  Grays and Torreys  Trails up to Grays is mostly snow free and snow patches are navigable. There are some muddy areas and a few cases where water is running down the path so waterproof boots are a good idea. If you plan on using the saddle route be aware that there is a rather large snow field crossing that is a bit slick. I was able to get across it with boots and poles but would not have felt comfortable doing it with sneakers. That being said, there were some other folks going across it with sneakers so if you‘re comfortable with the risk you should be ok. Lastly, make sure you get to the TH early. When I left the parking lot was full and cars were parked along the side of the road for at least another .5 miles. tjerasdave   2011-07-09  0  1  Edit Delete 

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