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The Sawtooth  
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2012-11-24  Route: Mount Bierstadt - Mount Evans
Info: I hiked Bierstadt to Evans via the Sawtooth. Descending Bierstadt I encountered 4-6" of snow, spikes and an axe are needed. When I started my ascent of the Sawtooth there was virtually no snow, at least nothing to hinder my hike. The Sawtooth is in great condition, with no ice and very little snow. 
capetrekker  2012-11-24   3             
2012-05-20  Route: Sawtooth Ridge
Info: The Sawtooth ridge is holding still holding snow on both the east and west faces. An ice axe is strongly recommended for climbing/traversing the snowfields before ascending the ramp on the west face of the Sawtooth itself. 
altidude  2012-05-21   0             
2011-07-08  Route: Bierstadt west
Info: Bierstadt trail is snow free to summit. But snow is still complicating the route to Sawtooth. There were some old tracks across the snow up near the ridge but we decided to drop lower and cross. Except for the one snow crossing, the route was mostly dry with only a few wet/icy spots. Wind was howling. 
Gopherboy  2011-07-08   1             

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