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Mt. Lincoln  
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2013-11-18  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: Again, probably not the greatest picture but with new snow this is taken from flight to Denver to San Diego this morning 
E-dorvs  2013-11-18   1   1      Edit  Delete
2013-10-26  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: Condition and weather was perfect for this time of year. Very slight wind on the way up and virtually no wind on the summit. There were patches of snow on the way but not enough to warrant micro-spikes nor gaiters. 
vxnguyen  2013-10-28   0         Edit  Delete
2013-10-12  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: Gaiters were useful but no traction devices needed yet. Decalibron is in fine shape. Trail is still quite easy to follow. This loop is definitely not in winter conditions yet! Definitely colder than summer, though ;) 
stevevets689  2013-10-16   3         Edit  Delete
2013-08-27  Route: From the Quartzville site
Info: This was quite a pleasant way up Lincoln. One follows a jeep road all the way up to the base of the summit at 14,000, and then a short trail from there. The jeep road seems rarely used, so the gravel is not torn up, but is firm and fine to walk on. I saw no one until I got to the summit, and then greeted several folks making the four-summit loop from Kite Lake. 
alanecharlesworth  2013-08-27   0         Edit  Delete
2013-04-06  Route: From the Quartzville site
Info: Last half mile to 4WD trailhead is impassable due to snow. Other than that half mile, snowshoes were not necessary for the "short‘ route up the east shoulder. I guess things will certainly change with the approaching storm, however. 
jbchalk  2013-04-08   3         Edit  Delete
2013-03-16  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: My sister and I climbed the Calibron yesterday from the Paris Mill closure - sorry, no pictures since I forgot my camera in the car. It was snowing lightly when we started up the road, and then it stopped as we climbed up the west side of Bross, which is mostly dry. As we approached Lincoln‘s summit, the weather deteriorated quickly into a fierce wind and snowstorm, and we decided to forfeit Democrat as we needed to be back in Denver later in the day. Microspikes were very helpful, but snowshoes weren‘t needed until below the Democrat-Cameron saddle, where there is a lot more snow coverage. 
DanielL  2013-03-17   0      1   Edit  Delete
2013-02-03  Route: From the Quartzville site
Info: Did Decalibron yesterday (with Brad adding on S Bross) from Moose Creek via Quartzville. Overall: did not need special equipment beyond trekking poles, though in colder weather or early/late in the day, microspikes might be a good idea. Avy risk is essentially nil with proper choice of route, though only because there‘s not much snow up there right now. Kite Lake Rd was difficult-to-impassable past the usual winter plowing area, even with high-clearance 4WD, and we opted to go up the plowed and mostly-dry road network to the east of the peaks, parking at Moose Creek and hiking up the Quartzville approach. Lincoln: the road up to the Quartzville site had a few areas where post-holing/snowshoeing was pretty much necessary, but above the site, most of the road was dry, or had hard-packed, slightly slick snow. We went up the scree and talus slopes east of the summit, which were pretty dry as well; the last ~200‘ to the summit had far more snow cover, but it was still possible to pick a line to the top staying mostly on rock. Democrat: from the saddle, most of the trail was covered in snow, with patches of especially-hard, slippery snow and ice here and there. It‘s possible to stay on rock most of the way up, and we made it to the top without putting on microspikes (barely). The last 200‘ of uphill involved a lot of frozen-over, slippery snow. Cameron: some snow patches (generally avoidable) and the trails on the N and W sides had some packed snow which was generally safely barebootable. South side was pretty dry. Bross: pretty well dry, any snow is generally avoidable (ditto for S Bross). We descended from near the Bross/Cameron saddle back into the Quartzville drainage, which was also mostly dry and stable. The ridge back toward Moose Creek looked fairly dry as well, with one snow patch near the base that appeared as though it could be skirted on the south. 
ChrisinAZ  2013-02-04   0   2      Edit  Delete
2013-01-26  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: Did the DECALIBRON with South Bross add today. Trail conditions are great. No need for snow shoes. Traction devices are pretty much a necessity. I used poles and they helped quite a bit. The trail is hard packed all the way to Democrat. The whole loop is actually easier than traveling in the summer! The snow flattens out the trail and makes it quicker. It was a beautiful day with little or no wind. You could not ask for an easier winter summit. High clearance 2wd cars can make it to within .2 miles of the trail head (4wd will not get you any closer). People who drive Prius‘ have to park 1.2 miles from the trail head. 
mrschaible  2013-01-26   3         Edit  Delete
2013-01-19  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: Didn‘t need snowshoes or crampons at any point but axe was very helpful, particularly on Democrat. We were able to drive past Paris Mill and get within 1 to 1.5 miles of Kite Lake in a Chevy Tahoe. Traction was the issue, not clearance, and if we had tire chains, we could‘ve made it all the way to the lake. 
KyleS  2013-01-21   0         Edit  Delete
2012-12-29  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: Drove to Paris Mill, ~11000‘, in a Honda CRV. The 2.5 mile hike to Kite Lake was largely snow-free, and we stashed our snowshoes at Kite Lake due to overall low snow cover. Bross is mostly bare of snow. Ice axe and gaiters recommended! 
Layne Bracy  2012-12-29   0         Edit  Delete
2012-12-23  Route: Quartzville
Info: Pretty dry. Snowshoes only needed for the 1/2 mile to treeline. Some drifts further up, but can easily be skirted. No need for microspikes or axe (if you bypass the summit snowfield on the dry north side). 
Yikes  2012-12-23   2           
2012-10-21  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: From Kite Lake the trail to the saddle at 13,400 is free of snow (apart from a couple of very small patches). Above about 13,800 there is a little snow on the trail in a few palces. There was enough snow on the side of Cameron that faces Lincoln to glissade down but no more snow until you reach the final ridge to Lincoln where there was a few inches. Beautiful day with spectacular views. 
wincoder  2012-10-22   0         Edit  Delete
2012-10-16  Route: From the Quartzville site
Info: The trail was clean from the TH until about 13000...there was some semi packed snow for about 500 ft but really not an issue. No need for any gators/crampons or the like. Took about 4 hours round trip with some serious winds, especially trekking through Cameron‘s Gulch. 
senray  2012-10-17   0         Edit  Delete
2012-09-30  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: A few little areas of snow on the trail - particularly near the Cameron summit and coming down the Bross trail. Traction device could give some confidence in these areas, and gaiters may help keep some snow out of your boots. But otherwise, still pretty much snow-free on this loop. (Didn‘t do Democrat, though.) Buckskin held some snow; the Clinton group and North Star looked pretty snow-free from our vantage point. Pic1: On the way up Cameron from saddle with Democrat Pic2: The Clinton group Pic3: Lincoln summit pitch from saddle with Cameron Pic4: Buckskin 
CarpeDM  2012-10-03   4      1   Edit  Delete
2012-06-04  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: Nothing real exciting to post other than summiting Cameron and Lincoln. The last time I was up there I was chased off by a nasty lightening storm. Today was blue skies with very little wind. The reason I am even posting today is with the hopes of recovering my camera which I seemed to have misplaced somewhere between 13,000 and 14,000 feet, either at the top of Lincoln or on the east side of Cameron. If anyone should find a camera in a black case in that area please shoot me a call. 719-499-5951. Thanks- Mad Badger 
Mad Badger  2012-06-04   0   2      Edit  Delete
2012-05-19  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: When I started, the trail was clear with small fields of hardpack snow up until the saddle. Once I was at the saddle, a snow storm blew in and 3-6" of snow fell on top of the small fields of hardpack. The snow was already melting on the descent, and probably melted over the next week. No traction needed. 
guernsmountaineer  2012-06-04   0         Edit  Delete
2012-02-11  Route: "S" Gulley Ridge
Info: Made it up the ridge above the "S Gully" on Bross to hit Lincoln and Cameron, but got some good shots of Bross and Democrat along the way, as well as the Kite Lake approach. It is still pretty bare all around up high, and most of the upper Decalibron ridges are snow-free. The Kite Lake approach looked OK, but there might be some potential slide paths to cross coming up to the Democrat-Cameron saddle. Tough to say from where we were, but the picture paints a decent story hopefully. PM if interested in more info or pics from this section of the Decalibron 
Zambo  2012-02-13   4   2        
2012-01-14  Route: From the Quartzville site
Info: Ridiculously dry. No special gear necessary (snowshoes, microspikes, axe, etc.). Photo 1: Lincoln‘s east slopes Photo 2: Bross, Bross-Cameron saddle, Lincoln Photo 3: Final section to the Lincoln summit Photo 4: Lincoln More photos of the Lincdebro circuit: 
anna  2012-01-15   4   1      Edit  Delete
2011-12-16  Route: Loop from Moose Creek TH
Info: Started at Moose Creek TH (Quartzville and Zink, should be reachable by most any vehicle) and headed due W toward Bross. The first 1/2 mile or so had maybe a foot of snow on the ground, so gaiters are recommended; snowshoes would be overkill. Once fully above treeline, Bross is effectively snow-free. Cameron has a large patch of snow on its SE face, so it‘s best just to go straight up the ridge. Dropping down to the Cameron-Lincoln saddle involves either mostly avoiding that big snow patch on the L, or descending it. You don‘t need an ice axe for the glissade, but it‘s a poor glissade. Lincoln from Cameron involved a bit of snow on the ridge just below the summit cone, but it wasn‘t sketchy and was easily barebootable. The summit cone itself has patchy snow, but the scrambling was definitely more fun than sketchy. Descending the other side of Lincoln involved some snow for 3-400‘, then mostly bare rock down to the Quartzville Road in the basin. The Quartzville Rd up to the site had a decent bit of snow on it, so I wouldn‘t recommend that trailhead unless you have a 4WD vehicle and are fairly experienced using it on snow. 90% of this route can be done without snow. Where snow exists, it‘s a mixture of solid slabs and powderly snow overlying harder slabs or ice. As long as you stick to this route, avy danger is effectively nil though. 
ChrisinAZ  2011-12-17   0   1        
2011-11-27  Route: From Kite Lake
Info: Climbed Lincoln, Cameron and Bross today from Kite Lake. The Kite Lake road is drive able for most vehicles. A 2WD car may have some trouble (or may not make it?) as there were spots with hard pack snow/ice on the road but most of the road was just open roadbed. 2WD with chains no problem! We made it to Kite Lake very easily in a Jeep. The trail up towards Democrat to the Democrat/Cameron saddle was mostly snow free with some areas of drift over the trail. Very doable. I‘ve done Democrat already so we headed hp Cameron. This is where the wind picked up and as we reached the summit of Cameron we were nearly blown over! Mostly snow free ridge walk though and only a few patches on to Lincoln. The traverse from Cameron to Lincoln was the windiest part with estimated sustained winds over 60 mph from the west. Beautiful sunny day though. We then took the trail to Bross which was largely snow free with some areas of drift. The remaining descent back to Kite Lake had some very short areas of post-holing right by the lake but the trail was easy to follow. Micro-spikes would help but are not needed right now. On this glorious Sunday we had all these popular 14ers to ourselves. Not one other car at Kite Lake all day! With the great weather this week this week will be a great time to do the DeCaLiBron as the crowds won‘t be there. Happy trails 
Matt Lemke  2011-11-27   0         Edit  Delete

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