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Arrow Peak  
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2013-07-14  Route: Standard
Info: We had plans for the grand slam in Vestal, but the constant unstable weather had us worried. So we got Arrow and called it good. The monsoons have loosened up a lot of stuff. The route up Arrow is solid (especially if you make sure to stick to the slabs) until you make for the summit on the ridge. We had a large rock start rolling down the hill with less than body weight pressure. It was right in the middle of the easiest path and about 50 feet below the summit. No doubt it would do more than simply ruin your day if you were below it when it went. I was lucky that it wedged itself on a small rock before it gained too much momentum as it headed my direction. We spent some time up at the lake below the Trinities and heard numerous LARGE rock falls in that area as well. Vestal could be heard as well throughout the day shedding rocks off the loose protions as well. In short, watch yourself down there. Especially while the rains continue. 
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