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2015-04-19  Route: South Ridge from Nellie Creek
Info: More new snow than I thought there‘d be, despite the forecast for the recent storm favoring the northern mountains more. Recommend flotation and microspikes. Summit plateau was mostly dry. Skiable from 13,800‘ on the south ridge to maybe a mile below the 4WD TH and on longer north facing sections of the road 
mojah  2015-04-20   3   4   1       
2014-10-11  Route: South Ridge from Nellie Creek
Info: No snow until about 13,500. Snow was knee deep and just a few places were iced over. We used microspikes and walking poles. Didn‘t need ice axe or crampons. 
Guevargas  2014-10-12   0   3          
2014-09-11  Route: South Ridge from Nellie Creek
Info: 4 wheel in to Nelie Trailhead. Road was muddy from heavy rains two days earlier. In good shape. Recommendation of high clearance vehicles is a good one. Both streams were low, no worries. Trail in excellent condition on the hike. Few few areas on the South Face going up, frozen from the night temperatures. Melted by the time of descent. Starting to see fall colors. Beautiful weather. 5 hours round trip from the trailhead. 14 hour day from my home in Ridgway, through MONTROSE and Lake City. Randy 
SoaringEagle14  2014-09-14   0             
2014-07-13  Route: South Ridge from Nellie Creek
Info: There are still a handful of short (not more than 50 yards or so) snow sections along the trail, particularly near 12,400‘ and again near 12,800‘. We did not need traction or experience any post-holing. Stream crossings were not difficult. 
Jasonicfederation  2014-07-14   6   3          
2014-06-28  Route: South Ridge from Nellie Creek
Info: No traction devices necessary. There are some lingering snowpatches. Most can be bypassed; the rest have nice trenches. Some minimal postholing. 
esagas  2014-06-28   0             
2014-06-16  Route: Matterhorn TH Approach and West Face
Info: These pics are from my June 1st ascent. I‘m sure the snow has consolidated much since then. Starting early for my trip avoided a lot of postholing. 
glencharnoski  2014-06-16   3             
2014-06-03  Route: Southwest Slopes from Matterhorn Creek Trailhead
Info: Lots of snow up there! Great conditions for ski touring on Wetterhorn or Uncompahgre. Trails are almost completely covered in snow and creeks are running high. Postholing unavoidable on return below treeline, glad to bring snowshoes. Morning snow frozen above treeline, good for walking on surface and cramponing up bowls. I took the variant (27.2V) in Roach‘s 14ers book). Mostly snow covered route. Snowy slopes above thru short cliff bands to summit. East slopes awesome for a ski/snowboard descent. West face still good for a ski descent as well. 
glencharnoski  2014-06-03   3   2   1       
2013-09-28  Route: View from Redcloud
Info: Lots of snow on Uncompahgre and Wetterhorn after Friday‘s storm. 
jimmtman  2013-09-29   1             
2013-09-07  Route: South Ridge from Nellie Creek
Info: Summer conditions. Great easy hike. My boys had a lot of fun hiking this one. Also, did Wetterhorn- see PC. The 4WD road up was also good. Got to the 4WD trailhead from Lake City in just under an hour in a Pathfinder. Saw a couple of Subaru‘s up there too, which I thought was a little surprising. 
sheller  2013-09-09   0             
2013-08-17  Route: South Ridge from Nellie Creek
Info: Trail is in good condition with no snow or problems. Plenty of water lower down. Pack trail across to Matterhorn and Wetterhorn is in excellent shape as well. 
mtapman  2013-08-19   0             
2013-08-11  Route: South Ridge from Nellie Creek
Info: Crux section just below summit plateau covered in snow and ice from storms previous day. Route finding more difficult and extra care required, particularly on descent. This section is fairly sheltered and snow did not appear to be melting at all on our descent as it was on other sections further down the trail. 
Munro Baggins  2013-08-15   0             
2013-06-26  Route: South Ridge from Nellie Creek
Info: Trail is completely snow free. No special gear needed. There appeared to be a brand new fire to the north though (on the left of picture one, as seen from the summit). Check on the condition of that fire before hiking. 
mountain_man  2013-06-27   2             
2013-06-23  Route: South Ridge from Matterhorn
Info: Ran Uncompahgre from Matterhorn Creek on Sunday 6/23/13. The trail is in pristine condition and you‘ll only cross a few small snow patches enroute to the peak, nothing more than 10-15ft across. The trail is mostly dry with a few marshy sections. Photo #1: Looking up at Uncompahgre from the Nellie Creek Jct. Photo #2: Upper slope of Uncompahgre and the short rock hop section. Photo #3: Looking back from the Nellie Creek Jct toward Matterhorn/Wetterhorn. 
thebeave7  2013-06-24   3   2          
2013-06-13  Route: Matterhorn Creek
Info: Coming from Matterhorn, there was some snow still. In fact, it was quite muddy. However, no equipment needed. All snow can be walked across or bypassed. 
djrunner  2013-06-14   0             
2013-06-09  Route: via wetterhorn
Info: we came down from wetterhorn and across and up to uncompahgre. no special equipment needed...guess this means winter is over on this mountain!  
lafutura  2013-06-12   0             
2013-06-06  Route: South Ridge from Nellie Creek
Info: Road is clear all the way to the trailhead. There is still some snow on the route but it is firm and you can walk around most of it. We did not post hole at all. 
gregpeak  2013-06-07   0             
2013-06-04  Route: Matterhorn
Info: We went from Matterhorn TH in conjunction with Wetterhorn. If you are there after 10 AM you will be postholing. Snowshoes would help if you don‘t mind transitioning 10 times. On the upper Uncompahgre you can get by without crampons but after the second switchback you have to see the cairn to go around the snowfield. 
Nelson  2013-06-05   0             
2013-05-24  Route: South Ridge from Nellie Creek
Info: Not much snow until treeline. Several smaller snowfields to cross on the standard route. We took a more direct line on the ascent and were able to stay on great snow most of the way up in the east facing gully leading up to the south ridge. The steep, loose gully on the south ridge has a few snowy areas, but they can be avoided with a little bit of easy climbing. There was some post holing on the way down, but nothing too miserable. For the most part, the snow we walked on all day was pretty solid and consolidated. We never used snowshoes, microspikes, or any other special gear. A beautiful day with great conditions! Photo 1 - A broad look at the route just above treeline Photo 2 - Looking down the good snow slope that cuts up to the south ridge Photo 3 - On the south ridge Photo 4 - The loose gully on the south ridge leading up to the final summit push 
eskermo  2013-05-28   4             
2012-10-27  Route: South Ridge from Nellie Creek
Info: Made it about 2.7 miles up the 4WD road. Stopped before the second creek crossing, as it was solid ice, about 1inch thick. Didn‘t feel comfortable crossing it since our Subaru Outback slid across the first creek crossing. Patchy snow up to the 4WD trailhead, at which point we put on our spikes for extra traction. Almost completely snow covered trail from here until the summit. Many spots where we postholed up to our calves along the trail. Deeper snow in the switchback area, where I postholed up to my knees at times. The rocky west face doesn‘t have as much snow, so the trail up this area was easier to follow. On the descent, we noticed a lot of the snow had a wind blown crust to it and pretty much none of the snow above treeline had melted. 
aliciaf  2012-10-28   0             
2012-10-18  Route: South Ridge from Nellie Creek
Info: hiked all the way up in tennis shoes. little bit of snow but easy to walk over or step on rocks 
daver  2012-10-19   0             

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