Mt. of the Holy Cross  
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2016-06-07  Route: View from upper Minturn cliffs
Info: A lot of the standard route seen from upper Minturn cliffs. 
WillRobnett  2016-06-08   1   6   1       
2016-01-11  Route: North Ridge
Info: Skin track in place to 12,800 on the North Ridge route. Above that talus hopping and postholing. It is very similar to the summer trail with slight variations here and there. Have at it guys. 
thatnissanguy  2016-01-12   0             
2015-11-01  Route: North Ridge
Info: Still doable on 1 November. Snow was shin deep from Half Moon Pass on, and deeper above treeline. After the this week‘s storm, the trail is invisible and traversing in the snow is a little dangerous given that you can step into a waist deep crevice between rocks and not know it until you‘re climbing out of it. Being windblown, the last 300‘ pitch is still pretty clean. 
ThrasherMerrill  2015-11-06   0             
2015-10-10  Route: North Ridge
Info: Route was dry and clear of ice or snow until the last 800 ft or so, and then the occasional small patches of mud, snow, and ice could be avoided, or were easy enough to hike over. I had microspikes with me, but didn‘t use them. Beautiful day with clear skies and fairly warm temperatures...did the whole route in a tank top and never added layers. Conditions could quickly change of course if overnight precipitation, so I‘d still bring spikes just to be ready for changed conditions. 
Ginny  2015-10-11   0             
2015-09-27  Route: North Ridge
Info: Beautiful, clear day on the Cross. Clear skies, warm weather and no wind. The other side of Half Moon Pass is covered in changing aspens, and it‘s absolutely stunning up there right now. Left the trailhead at 6:45 a.m.; summited at 11:15 a.m. Stayed on the summit until about 11:45-12 p.m.; back at the trailhead at 3:30 p.m. Hopefully another week or so of great weather! 
JinCO  2015-09-28   0             
2015-09-19  Route: North Ridge
Info: Summer conditions on the standard route. The aspens are turning, it‘s beautiful up there. 
koeffling  2015-09-20   0             
2015-08-29  Route: Halo Ridge
Info: Drove up the Tigiwon Rd Friday afternoon and lucked out and found a dispersed campsite about 0.2 miles from the TH. My plan was to leave earlier than I normally would for a class 2 peak with a good weather forecast in order to beat the ‘weekend riff-raff‘ and have some solitude. Started hiking from the TH at 2am, ascended the North Ridge route in full moonlight with no use for my headlamp, I was ALONE (I know on Holy Cross on a Saturday!) on the summit for the sunrise 5:45-6:15, descended the Halo Ridge which took about 3 hours taking short breaks on each summit. The only people I saw all day were a handful of groups making their way up the Halo Ridge (pretty late in the day I might add). Only notes on route conditions would be watch out for loose talus! Some large blocks that appear to be stable are actually not, and with the amount of talus hopping this full loop route involves it would be easy to get complacent and lose focus and get hurt. 
BagginPeaks  2015-08-30   0             
2015-07-27  Route: North Ridge
Info: GEAR (to bring): GPS, extra socks, phone, SPOT Satellite Tracker, Map, hiking boots with 2 pairs of socks, long-sleeve, wind-guard/raincoat, light weight puffy coat, lightweight gloves, day pack with water sack, food, sunscreen, lip balm. Road condition: LOTS of potholes. But my sedan made it just fine. Take your time and you will be too Trail conditions: Muddy in some spots below treeline, but nothing bad. The route is an easy one to follow all the way up to the top. Typical shale and large boulders to climb once out of treeline which is fun! Conditions on the peak were favorable. Got a little bit chilly and breezy, but not bad. For a more detailed report on this peak and others, visit I‘m climbing all 54 fourteeners this summer. 
Sunshineof1985  2015-07-28   0      1       
2015-07-26  Route: Halo Ridge
Info: Perfect weather today, and the cross is close to being melted out (see picture), so if you‘re doing the Halo to see the cross you‘re running out of time. One extremely minor patch of snow to cross, full summer conditions. 
MichiganBrian  2015-07-26   1             
2015-07-18  Route: North Ridge
Info: It seems the notorious mosquitoes on East Cross Creek have relented somewhat. Also, the trail is superb to 13400, and manageable above that, so that a route description is not needed. Some snow on the southern approaches immediately below the summit. 
pinhead  2015-07-19   0      1       
2015-07-18  Route: Halo Ridge
Info: Halo Ridge route is in great shape. Trail up to the ridge has only a few wet minor wet spots, and the switchbacks make that climb surprisingly pleasant. Ridge line from the shelter took longer (2:45 vs 2h up to shelter) but it was a lot of fun. There are still a few minor snowfields along the ridge but they‘re easy to just walk across. I didn‘t see many spiders along the ridge either. North Ridge route on descent was really nice too. Mosquitos around the creek weren‘t nearly as bad as I expected after recent reports. Just take bug spray and don‘t sit down long. The climb back up to the pass was tiring but dry, and the path back to the trailhead was a gentle slope of dirt; perfect for tired legs. Lots of wildflowers in the grassy slopes of both routes. I had no trouble with any of the creek crossings. 
appleseeds  2015-07-18   0             
2015-07-16  Route: North Ridge
Info: Overall, the North Ridge route is in great shape, snow free, and easy to follow thanks to hard trail work from Colorado Fourteener‘s Initiative. Expect some mud, puddles, and a veritable mosquito fiesta on both sides of Half Moon Pass. The East Fall Creek drainage is one of the most beautiful in the state, so expect a weekend crowd of competitors for designated camp sites. Early monsoonal rain (and tons of hail) made my trip a bit more interesting, and the trends looks like it‘s staying around for a while. Angelica Couloir is quickly melting out and now revealing talus. Cross Couloir still holds snow at the summit, although I can‘t speak to conditions below what you can see from the top... don‘t slip peering down the Cross. Enjoy! 
yooper10  2015-07-17   0             
2015-07-11  Route: Cross Couloir
Info: The approach to Cross Couloir was in good shape. Snowpack in the couloir was pretty easily traversed in the daylong shaded areas and much softer in areas which receive sunlight. Snow at the top of the couloir was very soft resulting in several postholes. Sporadic postholing throughout couloir. In areas the couloir snowpack has been divided by the runnels. Unsure how long the couloir will be under snowpack... 
TylerButler  2015-07-12   0             
2015-07-10  Route: Cross Couloir
Info: Climbed Cross Couloir from Half Moon TH and descended Halo Ridge. The approach was 99% dry and the clouds of mosquitoes near cross creek relented just above treeline. The Couloir had amazing and rapidly dwindling continuous styrofoam to the summit. There were a few patches of mandatory snow on Halo Ridge. Judging by the size of the runnels I‘d wager that the couloir will be discontinuous in a matter of days. GO GET IT NOW! 
benglish  2015-07-11   3             
2015-07-05  Route: North Ridge
Info: This is was first 14er and would diffently rec doing this trip. It was so beautiful and the trail was accurate. We didn‘t have great weather but did summit by 11:30 RT took 10 hrs being my first so I was happy for that. This was a hard hike but so worth the pictures. 
ds925  2015-08-10   1             
2015-07-04  Route: Halo Ridge
Info: Not to sound like a broken record, but lets be real. When someone here says you should bring mosquito repellent, its for good reason/mandatory. The mosquitos are heavy (anywhere from 20 to 50 trying to land when while tying your shoe) to 12,000 ft. and then moderate to 13,000. If you don‘t bring repellent/or long sleeves and pants you WILL be miserable! (learn from the fool don‘t be the fool) The trail conditions for Halo: muddy with standing running water in the trail in isolated areas below treeline. All snow crossing (3 or 4 very short 10 yard sections) and are soft. You will posthole. Like the previous report mentioned that the crossing toward MOTHC is pretty sturdy. If you do want to find solitude on the MOTHC, Halo Ridge to HCR and back to MOTHC is your best option right now. The North Ridge is pretty much snow free on the trail, just a bunch of gneiss shist, don‘t take it for granite. (geology pun sorry) Also noted in another previous trip report the log at East Cross is very slippery. It is, I would recommend another pair of socks for your pack (again don‘t be the fool, I‘m the fool). 
Rcizzle  2015-07-04   0      1       
2015-07-03  Route: North Ridge
Info: 1 - North route is very well maintained and the route is very easy to follow. No need for snow shoes, crampons or other items. 2 - There is a very large population of mosquitos in the wooded areas on both sides of the river crossing. 3 - I would strongly recommend bringing lots of mosquito repellent. 4 - This is a long hike for one day so either bring lots of water and plant or bring your filtration system and you can make water from the river. 5 - The river crossing is manageable but take extra socks encase you dip a foot or two. 6 - I would recommend staying off the snow on the ridge up to the base of the peak as it has a cornice that you can not see until you are on top. 
Cheyenne 14  2015-07-04   2             
2015-07-03  Route: North Ridge
Info: Near-summer conditions. The trail is dry and clear of snow until the ridge. Any remaining snow is either off-trail or easily circumvented. No traction required. Mosquitoes are thick and aggressive from the top of Half Moon Pass, into the basin and up to the ridge above treeline. The river crossing is very full. Bring at least one trekking pole and waterproof shoes as the log is floating and unstable. The pool is mid-thigh deep (yes, I fell in). The road is passable by nearly all cars, although there are several places that passenger cars will have to slowly navigate. The last 150ft of the Cross Couloir is melted out. 
zsmith  2015-07-03   4             
2015-07-02  Route: Halo Ridge
Info: Again, tomorrow late I‘ll have a trip report up with pics (link to my blog, actually). I did Halo to North Ridge (clockwise). The Reader‘s Digest version...For Halo you just need poles, sturdy shoes (or ankles), and stamina. Oh, and water. I carried and drank about 4 liters for my 2a.m. to 2p.m. hike. On Halo no need to walk on snow unless you want to--although there is a snow field just below Holy Cross summit that would be hard to avoid (I just walked across it). Same with the North Ridge route--there is a huge snowbank on the ridge itself, but the trail goes beside it, so you have basically summer conditions. And, yes, the mosquitoes are out--especially by East Cross Creek. Someone asked about the Notch Mnt traverse route--I think you would be fine as the snow is disappearing rapidly. Look at my pictures Thu or Fri and see what you think. 
Daniel Joder  2015-07-02   0             
2015-06-29  Route: North Ridge
Info: First of all, thanks to those who worked improving the trial; the many stone steps take away a lot of misery. I don‘t mind getting burned in the sun, but those mosquitoes (described in previous reports) are as bad as can be! They chase you when you walk, and swarm you when you stop. Doesn‘t stop until you get above tree line, which is a big chunk of the route. I put on repellant, but should have brought more. And they don‘t go away in daytime sunlight. Anyway, the conditions: the river is high but still crossable walking on a loose log. Snow is no longer to worry about. You get to walk along a long cornice approaching the top that occasionally covers the path, but just move over a little and your fine. I didn‘t go back by way of the Halo route, but could see a little easy snow to cross (see picture). 
The_Flex  2015-06-30   4             

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