Mt. of the Holy Cross  
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2016-10-20  Route: North Ridge
Info: Climbed North Ridge Route starting from Halfmoon campground. Light snow on most of route over halfmoon pass into East Cross Creek. Once on the north ridge of Mt. Holy Cross it is ankle deep with knee high drifts, there was ice coming back from the summit later in the day. Had crampons but did not use them, there is a lot of rock hopping involved, and holes between rocks to catch your foot. Recommend micro spikes and trekking poles. 
danzellner  2016-10-21   1             
2016-10-20  Route: North Ridge
Info: Climbed Halo Ridge route to Holy Cross from Tigiwon. Ankle deep snow most of the way with a few drifts at knee deep. Gaiters highly recommended. Spikes were nice for north ridge standard descent route. 
bmcqueen  2016-10-20   4   2   1       
2016-10-15  Route: Halo Ridge
Info: Route mostly clear. Some snow present but only shin deep in spots. North facing slopes starting to hold snow. Didn't need traction yet. 
rivrrapids  2016-10-18   2             
2016-10-15  Route: North Ridge
Info: I went up the Halo Ridge route and down the North Ridge. The trail up to the Notch Mountain shelter was almost completely dry. There is a very small amount snow along Halo Ridge, which was all avoidable by staying on top of rocks. I had to do a little more rock hopping around the summit. The North Ridge route from the switchbacks just below treeline and up was mostly a thin layer of packed snow. I brought traction but didn't use it. 
dritse  2016-10-16   0      2       
2016-10-10  Route: North Ridge
Info: Snow and ice starting from about 2.5 miles going up to the summit. Descending would be excessively difficult without micro spikes / cramp-ons While I did not attempt Fall Creek trail / Notch Mountain, I spoke with the Holy Cross forest service who told me that the trails that had been closed due to fire were now open again to hikers. 
bbk_08  2016-10-11   0             
2016-09-07  Route: Halo Ridge
Info: Fall Creek Trail closed from Half Moon Campground to Lake Constantine. Notch Mountain trail closed. 
scottda  2016-09-08   2             
2016-09-06  Route: Halo Ridge
Info: Fall Creek trail and Notch Mountain Trail are CLOSED until further notice to let a small wildfire burn out. This means the Halo Route is not accessible (up or down) from the the normal Notch Mountain Shelter route. If you wanted to do the Halo, you would have to descend by traversing the notch (class 3 or higher depending on route findg) and back to Halfmoon Pass. Do not descend the Notch Mountian trail from the shelter! More info in this thread: Sorry for the copy/paste, it won't let me link it in a conditions report... 
Chicago Transplant  2016-09-08   0             
2016-09-06  Route: Halo Ridge
Info: Was going for Halo Ridge route but Fall Creek Trail as well as Notch Mountain Trail are closed as of today 9/6/16 due to wildfire caused by lightning. Only way to get to halo ridge on ascent would be to ascend Notch mountain first. 
swetnesss  2016-09-06   0             
2016-08-13  Route: North Ridge
Info: No snow at all on the standard (north ridge) route. 
Sticky  2016-08-18   0             
2016-07-29  Route: Halo Ridge
Info: No snow to speak of along the whole ridge with only a little snow still at the tops of the couloirs. Super loose rock in the saddle between Holy Cross Ridge and Mt. of the Holy Cross 
Flyingfish  2016-08-02   0             
2016-07-14  Route: Halo Ridge
Info: Summer conditions on the ridge, start to finish. One or 2 small snow crossings (less than 40 feet) that are avoidable if you don't want to get your feet wet. One of my favorite 14er routes to date, highly recommend it! The north ridge descent route is completely dry also. 
SolarAlex  2016-07-15   0   1          
2016-07-09  Route: Cross Couloir
Info: The couloir is still continuous. Great snow. I'm not so sure I'd ski it though. We entered the couloir at 7:15 and topped out at 8:45 with no post holing. I saw people on the couloir as late as 10 and they said that they post holed the last 200 feet or so. Tons of cars parked at the trailhead. 
jladderud  2016-07-09   3             
2016-07-08  Route: North Ridge
Info: Went up the North Ridge and Down Halo Ridge. No snow to speak of on either route (that can't be avoided with one or two steps). No traction or flotation needed. A few Pictures from various points along the loop. 
jwgrosser  2016-07-09   8             
2016-06-28  Route: Cross Couloir
Info: Cross couloir is still in for a summit ski descent. I hope to post a video later to give an idea of ski conditions. For now, here is a link to a TR from MrWaffles: link waffles. Conditions are nothing like that. Bring the bug repellent and possibly bear spray for unleashed attack dogs in the Wilderness. 
lodgling  2016-06-29   0   1   1       
2016-06-26  Route: North Ridge
Info: The few remaining snow fields are easily avoidable. 
tobiasfunke  2016-06-26   0             
2016-06-25  Route: Angelica Coulouir
Info: While Angelica Coulouir may be a more straightforward climb than nearby Cross Colouir it is by no means "easy". The only thing more straightforward about it is the increased visibility of the route. You can easily see it from Halfmoon Pass. Get an early start for this one (Or for Cross Coulouir) because the route-finding to the start of your snow climbs will take some time. The climber's trail leading out of the Cross Creek campground is faint, at best. You will have the best chance of finding it if you begin searching between campsite 4 and 5. Stay left of the small beaver pond and you will find a creek crossing between two stumps and the trail will start ascending steeply to the south. If you lose the trail, it is helpful to double back. Close to timberline expect to lose the trail admidst the small tarns and rocky knolls, where off trail navigating will take place. I went in a south-westerly direction to ascend a rocky drainage to the base of Angelica Colouir. Here you want to refuel and hydrate! There are no reliable breakpoints from the bottom to the end of the colouir climb. I left camp at 4:40 AM and did not begin the climb of the Colouir until 8:00 AM, and already the sun was quite warm. The snow had softened up to the point I no longer felt crampons were necessary, but the route required significant kick-stepping. An ice ax is a must. The best recommendation I have is to really judge your energy level before starting up the colouir. I spent 2.5 hours of climbing before I reached the top of Angelica Coulouir, which is a slow pace for me, as I just climbed Conundrum and Castle the day before. The snow is not continuous any more to the top, and the last 100-200 vertical feet is loose scree. This section is due to increase as it continues to melt. I wouldn't wait too much longer for this route. 
mountain_gallivanter  2016-07-01   0             
2016-06-25  Route: North Ridge
Info: Great conditions from TH to summit, very little snow on the trail (few avoidable patches around 12k or so). Trail was clearly marked the whole way up. As others have mentioned, bring bug spray for the mosq. heading down and up from Half Moon Pass. Took us a little under 9 hours from TH to TH with a 30+ minute break at the summit, so be sure to leave early to allow for enough time! 
jabiii  2016-06-26   0             
2016-06-24  Route: Halo Ridge
Info: Great conditions on Holy Cross. Ascended Halo Ridge and descended North Ridge. Long, tiring day, but beautiful views. Snow is mostly minimal and/or avoidable (no axe/spikes/snowshoes needed), though there were a couple short sections of postholing (to knees) on Halo Ridge. Good track up Falls Creek Trail; easy to follow in the dark. There was also an ornery porcupine at the trailhead that was pretty noisy during the night! And bring bug spray for the mosquitoes! 
JuJu  2016-06-24   0      1       
2016-06-22  Route: Cross Couloir
Info: Climbed the Cross Couloir this morning. The road is now open and the couloir is fat. Hit this one early as she was in full sun by 7:00. We did have to contend with some post-holing between Lake Patricia and the Bowl of Tears but it wasn't too bad and snowshoes are definitely not needed. 
Wildernessjane  2016-06-22   3   10   1       
2016-06-16  Route: Cross Couloir
Info: Has anyone done the Cross Couloir or know what the conditions are like right now? 
otew247  2016-06-16   0   1          

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