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San Luis Peak  
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2013-03-02  Route: Yawner Gullies
Info: Skied San Luis via the South Yawner Gully (lookers right in the picture you can see my tracks). All 3 of the gullies are in great shape. San Juan Snowcats has been operating in the area and has a track to San Luis Pass. 
ap snow  2013-03-05   2   3   3     
2012-10-27  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Info: In spots the snow was easily 2 ft in the North Facing cirques you have to cross; although the ridge to the summit was mostly snow free. Unless you like postholing through unconsolidated snow, I would suggest the Colorado Trail approach to the South Ridge or the Stewart Creek TH (which both looked mostly snow free, and have a better aspect). The picture shown, is looking back across towards the 2nd saddle. 
Hypersnow  2012-10-28   1         Edit  Delete
2012-09-30  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Intermittant snow on the trail above the upper meadow. Drifts led to short streches of postholing. Took gators and micro-spikes, but didn‘t use them. Saw no other hikers, which kind of suprised me for a sunday. 
MOJO8800  2012-10-01   4         Edit  Delete
2012-09-20  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: GREAT fall colors. We found a good camping spot on the left 100 yards before the TH. CFI has cleaned up the trail. Saw Moose on the way up. Snow free. 
desertdog  2012-09-21   0         Edit  Delete
2012-07-22  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: I hiked San Luis from Stewart Creek on 07/22. Great trail. Some trail work is going on there. One of the workers put down orange "pine needle markers" on one section of the trail. Not sure if this is the re-routing and eventual new trail. Also, there is a toaster on the summit, with an outlet as well. Unfortunately, no electricity, lightning notwithstanding. 
sad2  2012-07-22   0         Edit  Delete
2012-07-20  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Road to trail head is excellent. Sign about 10 Miles from trailhead indicates that high clearance vehicles are required. Not true, you could probably get a low-rider to the trailhead. But we followed the signs advice and camped near the sign. Peak in the distance is Baldy, not San Luis. Camping available at TH, but no toliet. Trail to top is in good condition and easy to follow. You don‘t see San Luis peak till you get on the ridge line. 11-12 mile RT. Less than 1/3 of vertical in first 2/3 of horizontal. 
Zaigon99  2012-07-24   2         Edit  Delete
2012-06-17  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Trail is mostly dry. 2 minor snow fields to cross between 12K and 13K. Very easy crossing. No additional traction needed. 
talusman  2012-06-18   0         Edit  Delete
2012-06-13  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Info: The main access road is still closed. I followed the directions from the previous post and got to the TH without any difficulty. Thanks! There are still a few snow patches that got very soft as the day went by (I went down to my thigh in one!). Otherwise, a fine day with barely any wind. I just saw one person on the trail. 
esagas  2012-06-13   0   1      Edit  Delete
2012-06-02  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Info: TRAILHEAD ACCESS The easiest way to reach the West Willow Creek TH is currently blocked because of a movie production. To get there, take the SOUTH access to Bachelor Loop Road (follow orange detour signs) and stay on FR 504. You‘ll pass a left turn for the West Willow Creek 4WD road, but stay straight. Continue until a junction where you must go right or left; there are signs stating the right branch is closed. Go left and continue until you can see the Equity Mine. Shortly before the mine there is a signed turnoff for FR 503, the West Willow Creek 4WD Loop. Take it, cross the creek several times, and reach the TH after about 1.3-1.6 miles. It‘s not signed, but there are two posts denoting trail 882. If the road takes a sharp left and you start climbing steeply, you‘ve gone too far. 4WD probably isn‘t needed to get to the TH, but high-clearance is a must. MOUNTAIN CONDITIONS We didn‘t need traction, ice axes or snowshoes. The Class 1 summer trail is easy to follow from the TH all the way to the summit. Gaiters were helpful for about a half-dozen short, mellow snow crossings, but I made the trek in trail runners just fine. The snow can be circumvented if you really want to, though it‘s a bit more of a hassle than simply trudging through with gaiters. The ascent took three hours. If you‘re looking for isolation on an already isolated mountain, try this non-standard route...we didn‘t see another party until the summit all day, but at least eight people came up from the Stewart Creek side. (photos by tmathews -- and thanks again for letting me borrow your spare camera! I ordered a new one last night so my days of mooching photos are over) Photo 1 - The West Willow Creek TH Photo 2 - The ups-and-downs of the trail to reach San Luis proper Photo 3 - Upper South Ridge Photo 4 - Natalie hiking out as a brooding San Luis throws graupel, wind and thunder at us 
SurfNTurf  2012-06-03   4   1   2   Edit  Delete
2012-05-26  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: There are a few small snow fields lower on the mountain, but I postholed only 5-6 times -- no floatation, or traction required. Winds were extreme on the saddle, but manageable along the summit ridge. The valley was full of smoke on Saturday which made for an amazing sunrise. 
carson_h  2012-05-28   0         Edit  Delete
2012-05-19  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Road to trailhead was completely dry. Route below treeline was snow-free (any drifts were easily avoidable). A few short snow fields to cross leading up to the saddle, however no snow shoes needed. Snowpack was nice and hard in the early morning, but experienced some postholing in the afternoon. There are a few small snow covered spots on the final summit pitch. Overall the peak is pretty dry and no snowshoes or microspikes are needed (unless you want some extra traction on the short bits). 
BigfootUSAF  2012-05-21   0         Edit  Delete
2012-05-19  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Road to the trailhead is in great condition, no issue for 2wd/sedan. Route is almost entirely snow free with the exception of a few snowfields to cross above treeline. No issue in the morning, but some minor postholing in the afternoon. No need for snowshoes or traction devices. 
jfaust  2012-05-19   0         Edit  Delete
2012-05-06  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Spring conditions above the first creek crossing.The drive to the Stewart Creek trailhead is dry. 
Joe W  2012-05-06   0   4      Edit  Delete
2012-02-17  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Info: Snowpack is 2-4 feet of sugar 
Elliot  2012-02-19   1         Edit  Delete
2011-10-05  Route: Stewart Creek TH
Info: Snow, ice, and strong winds above 12,500. Snow was not deep due to the strong winds. Using my Kahtoola ice spikes and trekking poles was very helpful. Next day a storm would have closed access to the TH as well as heavy snows on the mountain. 
JimS  2011-10-07   0           
2011-09-18  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Started hiking at 8am on Sunday, took my time going up and fished alot of the beaver ponds on my ascent. San Luis was covered in clouds most of the morning and I finally made it to timberline with clearing skies. Decided to go for the summit and reached the summit around 12:40. Trail through the woods is clear and above treeline just a dusting of snow. The trail was drifted in a few spots along towards the summit but nothing over six inches deep. As I left the area the following day I could see that most of the snow on San Luis had already melted. Great area back there, I‘ll be back eventually for Organ and Stewart. 
EatinHardtack  2011-09-20   4         Edit  Delete
2011-08-22  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Trail is in great shape. They had some substantial rain yesterday and that left the trail wet in the morning. By the afternoon, it had pretty much dried out except for a few places between 3-4.5 miles down the trail. Up higher, the trail has some substantial over growth that you have to walk through. You can easily see the trail, you just have to do some brush pushing. Very easy trail finding and an easy climb. Lots of beaver damns! 
mrschaible  2011-08-22   0         Edit  Delete
2011-08-11  Route: South Ridge from West Willow Creek
Info: SOUTH RIDGE ROUTE TO BE CLOSED While on the South Ridge at about 13,000 ft last Thursday (8/11/11) I ran in to a 3-woman U.S. Forest Service work crew. They told me that the USFS will be closing a portion of this route due to growing erosion resulting from a combination of steep slopes, loose scree and initiation of multiple trails. Didn‘t get too many details but as they described it the new route will basically detour around to the east of the existing steep section at the bottom third(?) or so of the ridge. The new section will switchback down from the 12,600-ft saddle at the base of the South Ridge, contour across the east face of San Luis, and switchback up to rejoin the traditional South Ridge route. They claimed the new route, which has been surveyed and staked, would be "easier" than the original, but seems likely to add a few more tenths of a mile and some vertical to the route. That‘s all the info I got - sorry, don‘t know when the closure will go down, but at this point seems unlikely to happen until next summer. 
mjohnson1960  2011-08-15   0         Edit  Delete
2011-07-02  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: San Luis standard route is completely snow free. Moose seen in the Stewart Creek willows. 
sjhiker  2011-07-03   0         Edit  Delete
2011-06-27  Route: S. Ridge via. Equity Mine
Info: Did San Luis yesterday with spectacular weather. Started at the Equity Mine TH and walked up to the Colorado trail and took the trail over 3 passes to the base of the S. ridge. Walked the long ridge to the summit. San Luis as with most of the La Garitas are pretty much snow free. Only a few patches here and there. The Rio Grande River drainage only got about 50% average snowfall this last winter which means this area is in full bloom. Great wildflower displays and everything was green and very beautiful. This route is much better than the Stewart Creek route since you‘re above treeline on the Colorado trail for so long. Photos to come in my big TR in mid to late July...gotta continue climbing now! 
Matt Lemke  2011-06-28   0   1        

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